Santana Moss: Redskins need sense of urgency vs. Eagles

Chris Lingebach
December 03, 2018 - 5:52 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins play arguably their most important game of the season thus far Monday night against the Eagles.

A win means the Redskins hold onto the final playoff spot in the NFC for another week and put another win between themselves and the third-place Eagles in the NFC East. A loss allows the Eagles to catch them in the division and drops their playoff chances to just 31 percent.

It's incumbent upon coach Jay Gruden to set the tone for the Redskins, Santana Moss told 106.7 The Fan in his Monday appearance, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"One of the things that coaches do well, and some of the great coaches do, is they set the tempo of what they want done," Moss said. "They set the tone. They set the tone in the building, on the field. Regardless of how you're feeling as a player, you know, even if you're not playing your best and they know that we have no chance, a great coach will set it and it comes from the top and everybody will trickle it down."

"You will talk to a guy and you will hear the same thing from out of every player's mouth," Moss said. "So, as a coach, I'm not sure that you have to be that kind of coach, but most coaches will say, 'Hey, this is the message that we're going to give to the media; this is the message that we're going to have in the back of our heads when we approach the field; this is the message that I want you guys to be thinking about the entire week of preparation. And when you're at home away from here with your kids, this is what we have to think about, this is what we have to do come Monday night.'"

Moss continued: "So you would want to hear the coach say, 'Look, this is what needs to be done. This is a must-win. We have to have it that way. We have to anticipate us going out there with a little more sense of urgency.' You should set that as a coach."

"I'm not saying that Jay shall, or he should, or he do," he said. "But I feel that one of the things that you want to get it done from your guys, they need to hear it from you sometimes. They need to hear you give that notion to them that you're not playing well enough for us to go out there and just win. I need you to up your tempo."

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