SNIDER: Redskins next twist can't be into wind

Rick Snider
December 29, 2019 - 9:24 pm
Redskins next twist can't be into wind

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The injured secondary was gone. So were the starting quarterback, running back, tight end, top receiver and Pro Bowl guard.
The Redskins' remnants gave the Dallas Cowboys some fight – a legacy of interim coach Bill Callahan – before fading away. The defense gave up at least 30 points for the eighth time this season while the offense showed why it was dead last league-wide with field goals over touchdowns in the 47-16 loss.
R.I.P. 2019 Redskins. A 3-13 mark was truly what you were.
The question while watching a lot of street free agents flurry around the ball was wondering not who will be the next coach, but what kind of head man is needed?
Do the Redskins need a new defensive boss to revive a vastly underperforming unit, or an offensive guru to groom a young quarterback and some promising playmakers?
Does Washington need another tough guy like Mike Shanahan and Marty Schottenheimer, who combined for one playoff season in five years? Or, do they need a softer boss like Jay Gruden, who made the playoffs once in five years? Hopefully, they don't hire someone clueless like Steve Spurrier or Jim Zorn, who were both 12-20 in two seasons.
There's no easy answer for owner Dan Snyder's selection. He's looking for a big name, but the bottom line is don't get stuck without a coach when the music ends like 2008, when Zorn was the last man standing. Hindsight will run thin in 2020.
Snyder needs to hire the best man for the job, and if it's someone in top demand, then move quickly. If the leading candidates don't seem like good fits, then don't force it for the sake of a press conference on Monday trying to win the offseason.
This is the most important hire of the Snyder 20-year era. Past years saw enough fans in the stands no matter who was failing. Now FedEx Field is bone dry of support and another few miserable years could set this team back decades in regaining fans.
Star power is nice, but finding a coach and general manager who inspire hope is critical. Snyder supposedly has leaned on outside experts, so maybe there's a chance of getting at least one right.
The Redskins have seen enough lost seasons. They need to find a light in the darkness and hope it's not a train coming at them in a tunnel.
Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks