Skins running attack will be more predictable vs. Cowboys

Ben Krimmel
September 13, 2019 - 12:36 pm

There won't be major changes, but the Washington Redskins offense will look differently in Week 2. 

No, left tackle Trent Williams is not back, but there is a change at running back: Adrian Peterson will start and Derrius Guice, who underwent knee surgery Thursday, will be out. 

The Sports Junkies asked 106.7 The Fan's Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman, what kind of difference will this make?

"The offense becomes more predictable with Peterson," Hoffman said Friday. "Because some of the runs they save for Chris Thompson, they will run with Derrius, as well."

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Hoffman points out to a draw play run with Guice, which likely isn't a run seen with Peterson in the backfield.

"Some of the variances they have in their run game becomes less with Adrian, you kind of let him do the things that he's done well for years," Hoffman said. "They treat him... with more of a simplified run game versus Chris Thompson, who has a lot more outside stuff and a little bit more variance, a little bit more trickery, if you will, in the run game."

With the loss of Guice, the Redskins lost an effective back in the passing game, Hoffman notes, something Peterson has not been effective at doing during his long career. 

"It takes out some of the unpredictability because there's a certain set of plays that you know are not gonna be run when Adrian is in the game versus Derrius (when) the entire playbook is open," Hoffman told The Junkies.

Sitting Peterson during Week 1 was a controversial decision, with critics coming from both outside and inside the Redskins locker room and the running back room, with Thompson telling The Junks, "I wanted AP to be out there."


Listen to Craig Hoffman's full segment with The Junkies here beginning at 14:45.

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