Paulsen: Some at Redskins Park were 'not happy' with Doug Williams' comments

Ben Krimmel
March 21, 2019 - 12:57 pm

Doug Williams made some people at Redskins Park unhappy last week.

According to 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen, the Redskins' Senior VP of Player Personnel comment about scheme and talent did not go over well.

"(The comments) went over so poorly in that building, people were not happy about that," Paulsen said Thursday on Grant & Danny

"It is not the first time that Doug Williams has said something where the adults that are good at their jobs in that building kinda throw their hands up and go, 'What are we doing here?'" Paulsen said. "'You're making us look like fools. You make us look like geese, like clowns. I'm not a clown, I don't wanna be a clown, I'm not wearing clown shoes, I'm not wearing a clown suit, don't make me look like I got a big red nose and paint on my face." 

After the Redskins introduced Landon Collins to the media, Williams told reporters, "I don't do the scheme thing."

"When we look at players we look at talent. It's up to the defensive coordinator and the defensive back coaches to scheme him up. We're not in the room with the scheme. I don't know exactly what the scheme is," Williams said. 

After those comments, Paulsen said some Redskins people were "not very happy in that building." 

Why? Because working to match skill and talent with a team's scheme "is the entire job of a front office," he said.

"A guy like Kyle Smith, you don't think that he's not sitting down with Jim Tomsula, last year before the draft, to say, 'DaRon Payne, how would you use him? What are we gonna do here?' (so he can) see where he's gonna rank him on the board?" Paulsen said. "Otherwise, he wouldn't know where to put him." 

Paulsen says he can't believe these comments about scheme from the Redskins' de-facto general manager weren't a bigger issue.

"I can not believe those comments were not a bigger story. And by the way, somebody with the team said the same thing to me," Paulsen said. "They said when they heard the comments they were super worried about how big of a deal that was gonna become and how bad it was gonna look. And then it just went away. And then it was just nothing. It was as if it never happened and no one talked about it."

"Is that because we're used to Doug Williams saying silly things? Is it because it's Doug Williams so you don't wanna come down on him? Is it because people don't think it's a big deal that he was saying he's not a scheme guy, 'I don't do scheme, I'm just the GM of a team, I don't care about the scheme as it pertains to talent,'" Paulsen continued.

"I don't know how we got to the point where it wasn't a thing," he said.

Danny Rouhier also pointed out during the conversation how many have jumped to the defense of Williams. However, the criticism of Williams' job performance is valid as fans must separate his on-field performance for his front office track record.

"Doug Williams the football player is a hero. Doug Williams the (football) executive leaves a lot to be desired," Rouhier said. "What he did on the football field will never be in question, will never be taken away. Please separate them."

Bottom line, count Paulsen and Rouhier among those upset by Williams' comments. 

"This is an emergency! Break everything, throw chairs through the windows, riot! Start fires!" Rouhier shouted Wednesday. "This is the organization! This, this tire fire that's been whizzed on by a skunk."

"I want to scream about this. It is all that matters to me," Paulsen said Wednesday. "This is everything that's wrong with their operation to me, summed up in a couple of quotes." 

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