WATCH: Tress Way is having a blast at the Pro Bowl

Ben Krimmel
January 24, 2020 - 10:40 am

Act like you've been there before is lame advice.

Act like you've snuck past the VIP rope at a night club and any moment they may recognize you don't belong and kick you out. (Keep a low-ish profile, but have as much fun as possible.)

And despite being snubbed from the Pro Bowl a season ago, Washington Redskins punter Tress Way had no idea the NFL's all-star event would be this fun. 

"This sounds funny, but I did not realize it was this fun," he told

Again, he should have known about the fun of the Pro Bowl last year, but whatever.

"It is windy and freezing. That is not what I had in mind leaving Oklahoma to come down to the Pro Bowl, but nonetheless, it is a Pro Bowl, and this is frickin' sweet," Way added. 

"It's so hard to describe," Way said. "It is definitely surreal. When we had that welcome reception and seeing everyone, it was like, 'This is the Pro Bowl.'"

What has been the best part of the week? 

"Coach (Pete) Carroll had a shoot-off, had a basketball goal set up and a free throw line," Way said. "He kept calling offensive and defensive guys to come shoot for 30 seconds, and whoever made the most won. The place was going nuts. We had a quick meeting, came out here and did a glorified walkthrough, blasting music, dancing, throwing the ball around. It's seriously so fun, and it's just getting started."

“I’m just so thankful,” he added. “This is so awesome.”

What did Way have planned off the practice field? A trip to Harry Potter World.

"I plan on learning all the spells, picking up a custom wand, and having a couple butter beers," Way told "Really just embarrassing my wife, that's the main goal here. I will be the Master of Death. I will have all three deathly hollows by the time I leave, and pretty much just nerding out the entire night."

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