Redskins' starting QB job Dwayne's to lose

Chris Lingebach
March 30, 2020 - 12:53 pm

A muted offseason has impacted how every NFL team operates, but Ron Rivera is letting everyone know the Redskins' starting quarterback job is Dwayne Haskins' to lose.

"I think it's one of those 'actions speak louder than words' (scenarios) and when they traded for Kyle Allen, whether you like the potential of Kyle Allen or not, it gives them a viable way to proclaim that there's gonna be competition, that Haskins isn't just given this job," JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington told The Sports Junkies Monday.

"But Ron can look at Dwayne and say, 'Listen. This kid Kyle Allen started for me, has won games for me, so you've gotta be ready to go,'" he continued. "It also helps that Kyle Allen will know the offense and, to your point, I mean depending on how much practice time they get, Kyle Allen already knows it.

"Dwayne's gonna be having to learn (offensive coordinator) Scott Turner and all the new terminology. But I think if you're Dwayne, you better win this competition. I mean the job is his to lose I think more so than he has to go out and win it."

With the NFL Draft approaching, Redskins fans are split about whether the team should stick with Haskins – who stumbled early in his rookie season before showing great promise at the close of 2019 – or pull the plug and draft a new quarterback this April. 

"There's a lot of consternation of if Dwayne's the guy, and maturity issues and whatever else, but I think some Redskins fans need to allow that maybe Dwayne will come out and be pretty good," Finlay said. "Or at least as good as what Sam Darnold has done with the Jets and some of these young quarterbacks that get a really long leash.

"Just because I think Dwayne his rookie year, the coaching staff didn't invest a lot of time in him, and then they did and he got on the field and he looked pretty bad. But by the end of the year he seemed to be turning a corner. I think he'll get every opportunity to be the guy, and as long as he has some level of success, I think he'll stay on the field."

"I think if he completely bombs out and Kyle Allen knows the offense, if they can go to him, they will, but I don't think it's gonna happen early," he said. "Dwayne still is the same guy that threw for 50 touchdowns at Ohio State. He has talent. He has a big arm. He's way more mobile than people gave him credit for this time last year in the pre-draft process.

"I think he can play and I think he'll get a really good opportunity to show that."