Breer: Redskins' structure an issue for some head coach candidates

Ben Krimmel
December 06, 2019 - 1:15 pm

The Washington Redskins have begun the search for their next head coach and some candidates have concerns over the organizational structure, according to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer.

In response to a question about team president Bruce Allen's job security, Breer told Grant & Danny the Redskins are receiving pushback from possible candidates for the team's vacant head coach position over the current structure of the organization.

"I actually think part of that's (Allen's job security) gonna be linked to the head coach search," Breer said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

"The Redskins have already started the search, I know it hasn't been public, but they've actually already started reaching out to prospective candidates through go-betweens and everything else," Breer told Grant & Danny. "And my understanding is they've gotten some pushback on the current structure of the organization from some of those candidates."

A report surfaced over the Thanksgiving holiday indicating "everything is up for evaluation in Washington after this season" and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder will evaluate Allen's future with the organization. 

Breer goes on to say Allen's future will come down to a couple of factors: "1), just how much does the current structure of the organization limit them as far as what they're able to go and get as their next head coach and then, 2) how far does this have to go for Dan Snyder to move on from Bruce Allen?"

"My sense is that they've already gotten the feeling that the head coach search is going to be affected by the way that the building has operated for the last 10 years," Breer said.

Breer mentioned some of the "courtship" of college coaches by teams in the market or potentially in the market has already begun, including Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, Baylor's Matt Rhule, Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley, and Iowa State's Matt Campbell. 

"So most teams that are kind of planning to cast a wide net start to put feelers out to see if there's interest coming back the other way," Breer told The Fan. "And a lot of times in those cases teams can get feedback, not only on whether or not (a potential candidate) would be interested but the conditions in which certain candidates would be interested."

"And a coach might say, 'I might be interested in this, but I really don't like where the team is structurally,' or 'I don't wanna work with this guy,' or  'I need to bring my own GM,'" he added. "Those are the sort of things that come back when you're doing this sort of initial courtship of those sort of candidates. My understanding is that some of that has come back and I think that that's not unusual, I don't want to pin this all on Bruce.

"But certainly, my understanding is the Redskins have gotten some feedback from some guys who are going to be in a mix for multiple jobs where it's, 'If there's gonna be the structure (at Redskins Park) that it has been for the last 10 years going forward, then I'm not interested.'"

The question becomes: Will Snyder feel he is limited in which head coaches he could possibly hire by the current front office and make changes? Or will Snyder brush off any external pressure from candidates and go to a great length to keep Allen and the current structure in place?

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