Junkies bash Bruce Allen's comments: 'Nothing's gonna change!'

Josh Luckenbaugh
January 23, 2019 - 10:53 am

The Sports Junkies bashed Bruce Allen for his comments Tuesday during a rare press conference, including his claim the Redskins are "close" to success after missing the playoffs the last three seasons. 

"We were two games out of a playoff," Allen said. "No matter how you want to look at the season, we were two games out of it. And the year before, we were one game out of it. And the year before, we were one game out of it. So we have to find the right ingredients to get over that hump, and I think with the talent that we're seeing here today and what's going to be available in free agency, and getting our players back healthy, it bodes well for us."

"It's such a low bar!" John-Paul "JP" Flaim said Wednesday. "To be patting yourself on the back because you're two games out of a playoff, and the year before one game out of a playoff, and the year before that one game out of a playoff. You cannot TOUT that!" 

"If you had a resume, if you're looking for the next GM job and you say: 'Here's my resume. Look how silly I was! I was one game out of a playoff twice, and I was two games out of a playoff last' — that bar is so low!"

"Considering the injuries, we've talked about this ad nauseam. If Alex Smith doesn't get hurt, who knows, they may have won the division, they may have gotten in as a wild card," Jason Bishop added. "But no one truly believes anything that comes out of Bruce Allen's mouth."

Allen went on in his presser to say he's the right man to lead the Redskins because he "shares (the fans') passion for this franchise."

"That's the worst answer I've heard!" John "Cakes" Auville exclaimed. "You know who else shares the passion for the franchise? Drunk Mike. He's not qualified to be the GM or president of the team, though he might be more qualified than Bruce Allen."

And judging by the responses of fans online, they're starting to feel less passion for the Redskins as Allen's regime continues. 

"Nothing's gonna change!" Bishop said. "We hammer Bruce Allen every single year during the season and during the offseason. Nothing's gonna change. Snyder's not gonna fire him, Bruce Allen's not gonna resign."

"Nothing's gonna change in the organization, they're gonna suck next year. Who knows what they're gonna do at quarterback, they're gonna botch the draft. Nothing will change!"

However, the Junkies found some dark humor in Allen's claim the Redskins had Greg Manusky sit in on "several" of the interviews the team conducted with other defensive coordinators.

"Is Greg Manusky the world's largest jellyfish?" Cakes asked. "'Oh, you're interviewing my potential replacement? Sure, I'll come in and sit in on that meeting.'"

"He's being professionally cuckolded," Junkies producer Matt Valdez said.

"Hey, he's still getting a paycheck," added Bishop. "And it's probably a pretty nice one."

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