WATCH: Junkies react to alleged Mason Foster comments

December 12, 2018 - 10:34 am

In yet another sign of a team in complete disarray, Washington Redskins linebacker Mason Foster has come under fire over alleged remarks he made in private, which have become public and are highly critical of the organization and its fans.

"F**k this team and this fan base," reads the Instagram DM attributed to Foster, Washington's defensive captain.

"Yean and I'm not f***in wit it or being a scape goat to make fans feel better about all these big money ppl who ain't playin or getting dogged out," Foster allegedly says.

106.7 The Fan requested comment from Foster, who neither confirmed nor denied the allegation.

Redskins fan community blogger @BurgundyBlog posted another version of seemingly the same conversation, only this one is more extensive and includes a time stamp.

The conversation appears to be time-stamped as occurring Dec. 4 at 10:02 p.m., which would have been the night after the Redskins' 28-13 loss to the Eagles on Monday Night Football, the same night they lost their second quarterback for the season.

"Yeah I'll try my chances and go to a winning team next year," Foster allegedly says in another message. "Love the Redskins but this ain't it for the African #LOVE."

This perpetuates an already turbulent month for the Redskins, which turned south when starting quarterback Alex Smith went down with a gruesome leg injury in a Nov. 18 game against Houston. Smith has since suffered devastating complications from his initial leg surgery and has since undergone multiple subsequent surgeries to combat infection.

Compounding the team's troubles, they lost Smith's backup, Colt McCoy, only two games later to a likely season-ending broken leg. In the time between, the Redskins caused a national stir by claiming accused domestic abuser Reuben Foster off waivers, two days after he was released by the 49ers for a domestic abuse arrest.

This comes as the Redskins organization battles to save its fanbase, once one of the most loyal in all of football, in the face of declining attendance and TV ratings. Just this week the unthinkable happened, as the Dallas Cowboys outdrew the Redskins' television audience in the D.C. market.