Redskins are ‘stupid’ to undermine Jay Gruden on QB decision

Chris Lingebach
June 27, 2019 - 2:20 pm

There should only be one person, and one person alone, in charge of deciding the starting quarterback for the Redskins. That's Jay Gruden, Andy Benoit of The MMQB says.

This came in response to a recent comment from Doug Williams, Washington's VP of Player Personnel, in which he openly stated the Redskins will take a collective approach in deciding their Week 1 starter. That decision, Williams said, will involve head coach Jay Gruden, team president Bruce Allen, team owner Daniel Snyder and himself.

"Well, it's incendiary because it's a stupid idea," Benoit told 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro. "There's one guy that should be deciding that, and that's the head coach."

"I agree," Loverro said. "And the second part of this is you can have all the committees you want. You can have all the discussion you want. And yeah, I guess maybe you could argue the owner should be in on the discussion, but one guy has to decide. There's gotta be one guy that makes the final decision, and it should never be anybody but the coach. You're absolutely right."

"Yeah, because it's about more than just that decision," Benoit said. "The coach makes all kinds of decisions all the time, so if he doesn't have the power to make the biggest decision, and everybody knows that in the organization, then that compromises his power in making all the other decisions.

"When's the last time a team won a playoff game, and then cited the great work of some in-house committee that made some kind of decision along the way to make it happen? That's not the way successful football's set up."

Benoit also spoke on Joe Theismann's recent assertion that the Redskins starting Haskins early in his rookie season would be a "formula for a disaster."

"With all due respect to Joe Theismann, I don't think any of us know that at this point right now," Benoit said. "We haven't even seen Dwayne Haskins in a preseason game or training camp practice."

"All we're doing – and we've talked about this, Chad – any time you're talking about these rookie quarterbacks, we're just talking about them as concepts, because we don't know anything about them in the NFL," he continued. "So Joe Theismann clearly believes that, yeah, you shouldn't put rookies on the field unless they look more than ready, and I assume he believes Haskins isn't going to look ready because he hasn't played very much.

"And it's just a philosophical belief then. I don't think it's much commentary on Dwayne Haskins himself at this point."

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