Training Camp Notebook: Tempers flare as intensity increases

Craig Hoffman
August 01, 2019 - 8:15 am

RICHMOND – Tempers flared for the second day at Redskins practice, causing something we haven’t seen before from Jay Gruden. The rumor mill heated up after. Here’s why and what else happened.

Allen/Moses Get Heated – Fights happen in NFL football practices, but the intensity of the argument between Morgan Moses and Jon Allen Wednesday was hot. The two started jawing as one-on-one’s between the two lines closed and they moved into 11-on-11 work.

A few reps into that period, Allen ran into Colt McCoy and the fireworks started. The fighting scrum of bodies merged with the players who were out of the rep so it was pretty impossible to tell who was fighting and who was playing peacemaker outside of Moses, Allen and Caleb Brantly who were all yelling at each other. 

"It's camp. It wouldn't be camp if we didn't have some fights,” Allen said Tuesday at the podium before being in the middle of things the next day. “I know people might not like to hear it but it’s football, it's physical, and it's a nasty game. There's nothing nice about whooping someone's ass. I mean, it is what it is – its football.”

Moses shared similar sentiments after practice Wednesday but declined to say who was in the middle or why it started. “It’s a brotherhood at the end of the day,” he said. “We leave it on the field.”

What made this skirmish noteworthy though is unlike most fights, which dissipate and everyone moves on, this one lingered and the team wouldn’t get lined back up. That caused Gruden to erupt and send the two lines to the second field to run for a solid five minutes while the rest of the team continued in 7-on-7 format. 

Things ran smoothly afterward, but clearly, the intensity is picking up. This feels like the most business-like camp of Gruden’s tenure and the intense competitive nature of the players this team has brought in the last few years shows up in moments like that.

QB Battle –  Quite the up and down day again for Dwayne Haskins. Some really nice throws and strong periods. Some complete duds. This is the life of a rookie. His best pass for the second straight day was dropped, this time by Byron Marshall. The running back sped up the sideline on a wheel route and Haskins threw early with some major anticipation and placed the ball perfectly. Marshall dropped it.

Meanwhile, Case Keenum and McCoy both had solid days again. McCoy had a few huge plays in an early team period while Keenum continued to make good throw after good throw and good decision after good decision. He’s still QB1 and with every passing day it seems more and more obvious he’s going to be the Week 1 starter. The preseason games will matter, but the early practices of the season have belonged to Keenum.

OL Carousel Turns – The Redskins brought in Donald Penn and Hugh Thornton on Wednesday, waiving Tyler Catalina and Casey Dunn. Penn looked solid enough working in with the 3rd team and will presumably quickly move up the depth chart. That said, Geron Christian looked good for a second straight day at left tackle and Ereck Flowers is showing some ability at guard. 

A report out of Boston emerged that the Redskins were exploring a trade for Trent Williams. An educated guess on what happened - the Patriots called the Redskins and asked about Williams. The Redskins told them to go away. All of a sudden a report comes out that “talks” have happened. Those aren’t talks more than you tweeting at your favorite supermodel means you two talked about dating.

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