Moss: Allowing Johnson to play 'backyard football' key to Redskins victory

Chris Lingebach
December 22, 2018 - 2:05 pm
Redskins-Titans: Allowing Johnson to play 'backyard football' key to victory

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The key to a Redskins victory against the Titans, Santana Moss says, is to simplify the offense for Josh Johnson and allow him to play "backyard football."

"You have to have some kind of consistency with the run game for one," Moss told Chad Dukes during his weekly appearance, presented by Paul Henry's Windows. "You have to have some kind of consistency with the run game for one. It's almost like you're questioning yourself: How can we be consistent knowing that we have a change of guards every week?"

Johnson is coming off a 16-3 win over the Jaguars the last week, his first career win as a starter, which brought the Redskins back within a half game of a playoff spot. Johnson showed the ability in that win to make some plays, both with his arms and his legs, Moss says, which you can build a game plan around provided you allow Johnson to find a rhythm.

"With that added, you have a quarterback – your fourth quarterback – and you want to make sure you can make things as simple as possible for him and not give him too much to worry about," said Moss. "So he's a guy that can run. We know that. I think you allow him to let the game come to him. Give him some things that's simple enough to where he can get into a rhythm with the run game and with the passing game, and then from there let him play backyard football.

"Once he got into the rhythm and got into the thick of things the last two weeks, he's showed you that he can make some plays with his arms and he also can make some plays with his legs. So you allow him to simplify things enough where he can see it and then just react."

"When you have guys that play the kind of football, or have the element of his game that he has," Moss continued, "they're better reacting to what happens to them. Whatever breaks down or whatever's given, they react and make the best decision."

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