Skins and Trent Williams on path for divorce?

Ben Krimmel
August 01, 2019 - 11:30 am

The Washington Redskins are into the second week of training camp and there is no sign of one of the team's best players.

Left tackle Trent Williams hasn't been seen or heard from and it is growing increasingly likely the two sides are headed for a nasty divorce. 

Former Redskins corner and NFL Network analyst DeAngelo Hall said he has spoken to Williams and it doesn't look good for those hoping for a resolution.

"It's not a contract thing," Hall said Wednesday. "It's not about money. Would money help ease things a little bit? Maybe so, but this is not strictly a financial situation that we're discussing.

"That's what makes this so different and unorthodox and something we've never seen. We've never had a player say, 'Hey, get that training staff out of here or I'm not coming back.'"

Williams' holdout has roots in his belief the team's medical staff misdiagnosed or mishandled a growth he had on his head. 106.7 The Fan's Chris Russell said earlier in July he believes "Trent's resentment towards the Redskins started with the drafting of Geron Christian when nobody expected them to take a tackle that early and they did in the third round."

The Washington Post's Jerry Brewer repeated Russell's assertion in a column published Thursday: "The fracturing began about 15 months ago with what seemed like the most innocuous decision," Brewer wrote of the decision to draft Christian.

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This doesn't sound like Williams will end his holdout soon even if the Redskins and Bruce Allen attempt to smooth over the relationship with more guaranteed money and a more secure financial future. 

Thursday on The Sports Junkies, JP Flaim hypothesized Williams may return by Week 3 after losing several game checks, but Eric Bickel argued that won't be the case because it is a more "principled position."

"No, he'll just wait for them to trade him," Bickel said on 106.7 The Fan."He doesn't feel like he needs money right now, so he may need it, but he doesn't feel like he needs it. So for him, this is not about money and I'm telling you, there's not a player in the NFL, Tom Brady couldn't get the training staff fired at New England. That's not gonna happen."

"So I don't see him coming back," he concluded.

ESPN reporter John Keim told The Junkies Tuesday it is way beyond money.

"I think from the jump there was talk about (being a contract thing). You would hear that. Anybody you'd talk to, who was close to him, who has talked to him, would say that it's more of a medical thing," Keim said. "And so, I think the only part that I – and it's been hard to really find out – is could money appease him at all? Could more money do that? And that's the part I don't know, but I've always felt like it's more the medical side."

However, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport told Grant & Danny he thinks Williams will start the season for the Redskins.

"I don't know how long Trent Williams' holdout is gonna last," Rapoport said Tuesday. "I was told it is not gonna end anytime soon, and at this point, he does not intend to report. We've heard players say this before. Trent Williams, as you guys know, is a different dude, so I think when he says things, he means it."

Overall, there has yet to be a report from across the NFL that has indicated there is any reason for optimism that this situation will be resolved before training camp ends or before Week 1 of the season. The Redskins would enter the season without their top offensive lineman on a line that has struggled for consistency and with injuries.

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