Trent Williams undergoes another cosmetic procedure

Chris Lingebach
June 13, 2019 - 12:55 pm

Redskins tackle Trent Williams underwent cosmetic surgery Thursday, which, Craig Hoffman reports, was related to a previous surgery performed earlier this offseason to remove a growth from his scalp.

Prior to the initial operation, Williams had a growth or tumor on his scalp that doctors feared could be malignant. The scare was gone once the growth was removed.

Now Williams requires multiple cosmetic surgeries to repair the after effects of the initial procedure. Williams posted a video from his hospital room on his Instagram story Thursday morning.

This isn't the first cosmetic procedure Williams has undergone, although it's unclear how many will be required.

When Williams failed to appear for mandatory minicamp at Redskins Park last Tuesday, Erin Hawksworth reported that he had asked the Redskins for a trade or a new contract. Williams has two seasons remaining on the five-year, $68 million extension he signed back in 2015.

The following afternoon however, Jason La Canfora reported that Williams was actually seeking a trade or his release from the team, due to his frustration stemming from how the team's medical staff handled his health scare.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden confirmed that Williams was indeed frustrated with the handling of his medical situation.

"Any time you have something done, that procedure like that, that magnitude, you want to find the reason," Gruden said. "You wish something maybe could have been done differently, or different timing. But our doctors are very good. I know they did the best they can. I mean they have plenty of degrees. I know they did the right thing in their mind. And I know Trent's probably frustrated, but at the end of the day, we want him back, staff wants him back, the players want him back and hopefully we'll get it fixed."

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