Brinson: Trent Williams won't sit out a full season like Le'Veon Bell

Josh Luckenbaugh
July 16, 2019 - 11:23 am

Trent Williams made big waves last month when he skipped the Redskins' mandatory minicamp, and there's a chance Washington's star left tackle is absent when training camp opens in Richmond next week.

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But whether he's holding out for a new deal or because of frustration with the Redskins for how they handled a recent medical situation, don't expect Williams to pull a Le'Veon Bell and sit out the entire 2019 season, says CBS Sports' Will Brinson.

On with The Sports Junkies Tuesday, Brinson discussed the Williams situation as well as that of Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott and Chargers RB Melvin Gordon, who are both reportedly thinking about holding out of training camp in the hopes of getting extensions. Brinson doesn't think any of them will sacrifice an entire year's worth of game checks like Bell did last season when he and the Steelers failed to reach an agreement. 

"No, it's not happening with those guys. It's not happening with Melvin Gordon," he said. "It's easy to say, 'Oh, we saw Le'Veon Bell miss an entire year, anyone can do this.' Le'Veon Bell was on his second franchise tag. He'd been tagged once by the Steelers and played on the tag, then came back and got tagged and decided, 'I'm not doing that.'"

"Trent Williams is a little different because he negotiated his contract. He just doesn't trust the team or whatever anymore. Zeke Elliott, it was a CBA-negotiated deal because of the rookie slot, but he still signed and he still made a bunch of money."

"I understand what he and Melvin Gordon are trying to do. They're saying, 'Listen, we know you're gonna tag us. You might tag us twice then dump us in free agency, so we're gonna try to use now to get our money and maximize our leverage."

"But the bottom line is, they stand to lose so much money off their regular contracts," Brinson continued. "They have to play a certain number of games in order to not have their contract pulled for an additional year. They got to get that service time in."

"So to me, it would be a shock if either of those guys actually hold out. But I understand why they're doing it because they don't think -- correctly -- that the Cowboys and Chargers, respectively, are interested in handing them a big, brand-new contract."

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