The Redskins' TV ratings are in the toilet

Chris Lingebach
December 11, 2018 - 3:37 pm
Redskins TV ratings are in the toilet

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins have a deeply rooted problem they can't escape: Their fans aren't showing up to home games, and it's not because they're watching at home.

Sunday's Fox broadcast of Redskins-Giants drew just a 14.0 rating in the D.C. market, outdrawn in the D.C. market by Eagles-Cowboys (19.8 rating), which aired later on Fox.

This isn't a fluke, but rather a trend, as demonstrated by the Cowboys outdrawing the Redskins in two other Virginia markets, Richmond and Norfolk, usually hotbeds for Redskins fandom.

This comes a week after Redskins-Eagles drew just a 21.6 rating on Monday Night Football.

Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan says the Redskins missed an opportunity "to show the fanbase that you acknowledge how bad it is" by making a drastic change on Monday.

"Here's why I say you needed to do something drastic," Dukes said. "It's never been this bad, as far as your television, and it's never been this bad as far as your attendance."

Dukes says that, while quality of the games needs to be taken into account – with two teams still competing for the division, in the Cowboys and Eagles, going up against two teams that are no longer (Redskins-Giants) – Washington's fourth-straight loss still provided the perfect opportunity "to show the fanbase you are not tone deaf, that you realize how dire the situation is."

"And I'm sorry, better franchises than you have already made more drastic changes this year," Dukes said. "Cleveland probably waited too long, and that was weeks ago. Look how much better their season looks. The Raiders stink. Everybody knows that. But they're stinking for a purpose right now.

"What have they got? Five first-round picks over the next two years? They're amassing picks. They're going to reload. They got rid of their general manager. I'd like to be in a situation right now where you fire the team president, and now you're doing your research. You're bringing guys in. You're talking to guys. Or whatever you can do legally right now without tampering. You can certainly speak to guys that have already been fired!"

"You've got two coordinators on this team with head coaching experience – (Bill) Callahan, of course, (Jim) Tomsula," he continued. "You've got guys that can go in there, know the personnel, can take over for the next couple of weeks. Which, by the way, don't matter anyway. You're doomed.

"For me, it wouldn't have been to satiate a bloodlust from the fanbase. It would have been just to show, 'Hey, we acknowledge how bad yesterday was, and it's unacceptable. And because of that, we're gonna take some fairly drastic actions.' I like Greg Manusky. Seems like a good dude. I'm sure he'd be a fine defensive coordinator someplace else. That's who would have gone. He would be not employed today."

"They say, 'Well look at how many defensive coordinators Jay Gruden's already had.' Yeah, I think we all know Jay's time is going to come at the beginning of this year," Dukes said. "By the way, I forgot they gave him the (two-year) extension. That hasn't even kicked in yet. You're gonna have to pay his ass out. He'll be laughing all the way to the bank. And God bless him. I like Jay. A lot of what's going on here isn't his fault. But the changes, they be coming. Regardless.

"Today, you missed an opportunity to show the fanbase that you acknowledge how bad it is, you acknowledge that you see the empty stadium. Oh, I'm sorry; the stadium filled with the blue wave. You acknowledge that you see the horrible television ratings."

"I think they needed to acknowledge the fact that they hit rock bottom, rented a jackhammer and a backhoe, and proceeded to drill as fast and as far as they possibly could," Dukes added, "through and past rock bottom."

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