SNIDER: Redskins win when they lose

Rick Snider
December 22, 2019 - 6:49 pm
The Redskins found victory in defeat.
Losing to the New York Giants 41-35 in overtime on Sunday likely seals the No. 2 overall pick next spring. That is, unless something crazy stupid happens, like the Redskins beating the Dallas Cowboys in their season-ender on Dec. 29.
The key is the Redskins now likely control the future of Ohio State defensive star Chase Young, who's probably the No. 2 pick after Cincinnati takes quarterback Joe Burrow first overall. The Redskins can either keep Young to bolster their pass rush or trade him for multiple picks sorely needed, including a second-rounder they don't have. At worst, Washington keeps Young out of the NFC East, where he would haunt them twice annually if they had beaten New York and the Giants grabbed him as expected.
Yes, it was a big day before maybe 30,000 at FedUp Field, where perhaps one-fourth of the crowd cheered for the home team.
Of course, there was a downside aside falling to 3-12 overall and 1-7 at home. Quarterback Dwayne Haskins suffered a sprained ankle on the first play of the second half. Haskins was told by the team doctor not to return and that advice was seconded by owner Dan Snyder. Reasonable advice from Snyder, though what he was doing in the medical area during the game is curious, and the rookie passer calling him "Dan" when everyone else says "Mr. Snyder" is even more interesting.
Anyway, the rookie was flashing his best game yet after completing his first 10 passes and 12 of 15 overall for 133 yards, two touchdowns and a 143.2 rating. Haskins extended plays while finding secondary receivers and growing in experience as the Redskins hoped. Certainly, he's now firmly the 2020 starter.
But Washington's defense doubled as statues to enable the loss that perhaps gains a defensive star who may transform the unit next year under a new coaching staff. The secondary was absolutely lost covering the end zone. Linebackers never filled running lanes. The line was frozen.
The Redskins can now rebuild using high draft picks each round. That is, if the right people are picking. There seems little buzz for president Bruce Allen leaving. But, there's still time for Snyder to do the right thing.
"Impeach Allen," said one sign. Well, it works something like that. Meanwhile, the Redskins just look for hope over the final week before many are sent packing permanently.
Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks