Report: A team has called the Nats about trading for Harper

Josh Luckenbaugh
July 28, 2018 - 3:16 pm

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


In his weekly interview with The Sports Junkies on Wednesday, Mike Rizzo said it would take a "spectacular set of circumstances" for the Nationals to trade Bryce Harper, but didn't definitively rule out the possibility.

According to Michael J. Duarte of NBC LA, the Dodgers have made an initial inquiry into making the spectacular a reality.

The Nationals have won three straight, including the first two games in a critical four-game series in Miami, and thus probably don't consider themselves sellers just yet.

However, if the Phillies tighten their grip on the NL East lead, and jumping several teams into a wild card spot remains a long shot, the Nats may have no choice but to trade away some pieces, potentially Harper included. 

The Dodgers already made the biggest splash of the summer by acquiring Manny Machado from Baltimore, and adding Harper would be another major shake-up in the baseball world. It's all preliminary for now, but what was once the unthinkable is slowly becoming more possible. 

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