Kerrigan: Shaking Dexter Manley’s hand is challenging

Rick Snider
July 30, 2018 - 11:31 am

Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport


RICHMOND – It's a well-known secret by anyone around Redskins Park – don't shake Dexter Manley's hand. It won't go well.

Of course, Manley is only joking, but he's such a big guy who sometimes doesn't realize his own strength. It's not unusual to see your hand disappear inside the old defensive end's mitt, and then comes the feel of a vice grip that once threw offensive linemen aside.

"I've shaken his hand a couple times. That's a mistake," linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. "Now when I see him it's a fist bump."

Manley is one of the Redskins' top legends with two Super Bowl rings. The likable lineman is still popular with fans. But, Kerrigan may surpass Manley this season in career sacks by a Redskin. Kerrigan's 71.5 sacks trails Manley by 19.5 Given Kerrigan has made at least 9.5 sacks in each of the last four seasons, including 13 last year, 2019 could see a new team leader.

"I notice that narrative," Kerrigan said, "but I don't really go out in practice or a game and cognitively think about like (one more.) It's so far away. It can be a recipe for disaster getting ahead like that."

Manley is one of the bigger human beings you'll ever meet. Yet, ironically the stat sheets say Manley (6-feet-3, 253 pounds) is slightly smaller than Kerrigan (6-4, 259 pounds.) The eyes want to say that's a #FakeStat.

But, the NFL's top pass rushers are now linebackers like Kerrigan, whose numbers partly come through his consistency. He has never missed a game, playing 112 in seven seasons.

"I think football will always be a big man's game," Kerrigan said. "But I think you're seeing an emphasis on speed, especially on the edges."

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