Santana Moss is a 'no' on trading for DeSean Jackson

Chris Lingebach
October 29, 2018 - 10:46 pm

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last six months there has been a loud pocket of fans hoping the Redskins will acquire another wide receiver.

Whether it's been Dez Bryant, Amari Cooper or Demaryius Thomas made available, in-season or off, this pocket's been there every step of the way urging the Redskins to take a flier on the receiver, to do something.

What that says exactly – that the Redskins passing offense was just as in need of passing six months ago as it is today – who knows? But the will of the people is there, and the latest name to draw their attention is DeSean Jackson, who reportedly wants out of Tampa Bay.

Santana Moss was asked – during his biweekly appearance with Chad Dukes, sponsored by Paul Henry's Windows – if he would pull the trigger in a trade for Jackson.

"No. I don't think we need a wideout right now," Moss said. "I really don't think that that's a part of our game that we need help at. I mean, I understand that we probably haven't been having the big plays that everyone wants to see, but if we're not trying to have those big plays with those guys, why bring a guy over here for that?

"I think we have other areas that can be probably tuned up here and there, when it comes to bringing a guy or two in. If this was last year, then I'm saying yeah, because he wanted a DeSean because we needed one. We needed one bad. We needed a deep threat. We needed somebody who can make some splash plays. But right now this year, with the way things are going on our offense, I don't think we need him."

"I think you raise a great point," Dukes said. "You don't need him because the opportunities aren't there."

"It's not the style of offense that you're running right now," Moss agreed.

A contrarian might argue Jackson is such a prolific deep threat that he could bust the field wide open, improving a limited Redskins offense whether the quarterback throws to him or not. That contrarian might also say the Redskins should absolutely push to reunite with Jackson.

When Dukes mentioned it was only last week that Moss said the Redskins should trade for Thomas, Moss clarified he meant they should bring the Broncos wideout in as more of a long-term gain than an immediate payoff.

"Yeah, well that's for the future," Moss said. "For the future, I would love a guy like Demaryius Thomas because I think he's a Pierre-style receiver. He's a guy that you can count on to do all the things, the ins and the outs of blocking, catching the hard over-the-middle balls and intermediate routes, and he can still beat you deep.

"And he's a guy, I think he still has a lot under his belt. I think with having a guy like (Emmanuel) Sanders over there, they can't really share the wealth, especially with the quarterback they have right now. I don't think he's the quarterback that's going to allow him to be special. It would be great to see him be somebody that we invest in in the future."

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