Santana Moss has some advice for Derrius Guice

Chris Lingebach
December 11, 2019 - 5:58 pm

Redskins running back Derrius Guice appears snake-bitten.

His second straight NFL season just ended early with him on the Injured Reserve after suffering the third significant knee injury of his pro career.

While that's clearly a case of bad luck, longtime Redskins great Santana Moss, speaking from personal experience, wants Guice to know it gets better.

"I feel bad for him, man, because he's going through a little bad luck right now," Moss told Chad Dukes during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"And that's what I can call it, bad luck, because he has a tremendous talent and you can see that he's eager to go out there and be the pro that we all want him to be," he said. "I'm sure he puts so much in his game, in his preparation just to get out there and do what he do, and to have setbacks like he's been having thus far in his career, I hope he can just dig deep and understand that some of us have to go through things a little different than others."

Redskins fans don't really know Moss for being injury prone in his career, but prior to being traded to Washington, he says that's exactly what he was during his first four NFL seasons with the Jets.

"I look back at my career, man, I tell you. If folks understood what I went through my first four years, they would never see me the way that I see or played through those 14 years in my career, like they remember my first four years," Moss said. "I thought I would never make it past four years, because after my knee injury early my first year, it's just like every other thing just wasn't working – hamstrings, quads, you name it, groin.

"I dealt with so much and, to be honest with you, I played through more nicks than anybody probably knew. I wouldn't even tell folks, or tell the trainers about 'em, because I just didn't want to be labeled or want to be that guy that was always on the injury sheet, so I can understand what he's going through."

Moss hopes to impart this bit of wisdom on the second-year running back.

"But the thing that I did that made a difference in my career was once I found what I can do to better myself and help myself, I spent the money on those guys and those people to be on my staff to just take care of my body," he said. "Because I wanted to be available and I wanted to have the career that I ended up having, because I knew that this game meant more to me than just making it."

"So I think once he gets past this little rough time of all this bad luck happening to him, he can probably look forward to a great career," he added. "Because he's going through so much right now, most guys don't go through what he's going through in their total career. He's going through it already within two years."

Fortunately, Guice appears to be determined to not let this stretch of bad luck define his career. After all, Moss is living proof he can shake this rough start out of the gate. He went on to play 10 more seasons with the Redskins.