Santana Moss didn't see any 'fight' left in Redskins under Gruden

Chris Lingebach
October 08, 2019 - 7:45 pm
Moss: Redskins didn't show enough 'fight' under Jay Gruden

Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

In the last few weeks of Jay Gruden's coaching tenure, he was wearing the pressure all over his face.

That may have influenced the Redskins' decision to go in a different direction, Santana Moss tells Chad Dukes during his weekly 106.7 The Fan segment, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"Watching Jay for the past few weeks, man, you could see the stuff was dwelling on him, man, and it was getting to him pretty bad," Moss said. "I think when you kind of pay attention to it from the outside, some of the mannerisms and some of the way he was handling some of those press conferences, it would make anybody say, 'Man, hey.'

"You know, even if he didn't, it would make you believe that he feels like he has nothing more he can do. You have to try to move in a direction that's best for you and your organization, and I think that's what they were trying to do. Just say, 'Hey, at the end of the day, we're gonna do this regardless. Let's do it now and hopefully we can salvage some of this stuff that we're going through.'"

As for the timing of Washington's decision to fire Gruden – after an 0-5 start, but after the toughest stretch of their schedule, to be sure – Moss was more inclined to see how it plays out.

"Decisions. Decisions. Decisions," he said. "I think one of the things that you can always rest assured about this organization, or this team, in the last few years, we haven't made the best decisions. I mean, you name it. You can pick a year and tell me some good decisions that were made."

"This might be one of the ones that they try to hang their hat on and say, 'This was a great decision by us to do what we had to do,'" he continued. "Because if Bruce Allen spoke out about it, we've been watching it as fans and as analysts, you don't see any competition on our side, you don't see these guys competing. So yes, that's one of the reasons what makes me feel the way I feel at times, because I'm all about just competing.

"If you give me a good performance, I care less what the record is, because I understand this game, I understand you can't win 'em all, and I understand there's teams that just built a little different and that's just better than you. But I get tired of the same thing, too, just not seeing a fight or not seeing an effort, and a winning effort at that."

"So it might be good to change the morale and change the aura around the team by getting rid of the coach now," Moss said. "Who knows? I don't know."