Moss: Redskins offense wasn't creative enough vs. Jets

Chris Lingebach
November 18, 2019 - 5:46 pm

The Redskins offense wasn't creative enough for Dwayne Haskins to be successful against the Jets on Sunday, Santana Moss says.

"When we put this kid into the situation, they said, 'Yeah, we're gonna run with some plays that's gonna be suitable for him.' Trust me, yeah, you can say that, but this game is beyond finding some plays that he can be efficient with or whatever," Moss said during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance with Chad Dukes, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"You have to make a game plan structured enough to where everybody can succeed, not just the same stuff that we had in our playbook that hasn't worked from Day 1," he said. "Yeah, you probably put up a couple of plays that might be good for him, but if it hasn't worked, it hasn't worked. So you have to find another way!

"Be more creative, find other ways, copycat. Do something that worked a week ago with that same team that someone else used. You know, that's football. That's what I've been a part of. So that's what I want (to) see from us, because I see that we can sit back and dial up plays that hasn't worked."

"And we know coming into that game yesterday that we was gonna play against a pretty stout defensive front that wasn't going to allow us to rush the ball like we had been in the past few weeks," he said. "So therefore, we couldn't bank on the play-action pass and try to get the ball down the field. We had to be creative, and I didn't see no creativity to allow those guys to compete yesterday."

Moss was careful not to read too much into a video taken from the sideline Sunday, which shows Haskins pleading with his offensive linemen, asking what he can do to help them. The linemen appeared disinterested in what Haskins had to say, a depiction that could be misleading, Moss warns.

"People are looking for anything they can hang their hat on and say 'this is why, this is why' or 'that is why, or this is what I want to ride for, this is what I don't want to ride for," said Moss. "Folks are always in limbo with what side to take, and anything they see – whether it's positive or negative – they want to point and say 'this is why I want to be behind this man.'"

"I looked at this situation as it was a confused young guy, a guy who has given his heart and he's playing as hard as he can play," he said. "He had so much going on in front of him that he probably didn't know what was coming. I knew coming into that game, it seemed like every situation that Haskins has been thrown in at this moment was trouble situations.

"You know, the one when he first got in when they threw him in there when Keenum went down, or whoever went down, but it was his first game. And then the second game, and then his first start was against Buffalo, and now, you have your first official home game start, where you're basically given the helm to really run the team for the rest of the season, and you're playing against Gregg Williams, who's gonna give you so many looks and send everybody at you, when you're young and things are not going way right now when it comes to calculating everything around you."

"I just feel like the situations are tough and it's gonna mold him to be a better player down the road," Moss added. "Right now, regardless of what's being said or what's shown, you can't hang your hat on what you see now because the team, it's not that good for you to really pinpoint something that's gonna make you say 'this is why you want him to be' or 'this is why you don't want him to be the quarterback.'"

As for the linemen's reaction, Moss said, "You gotta look at it, man, like linemen are linemen. They are considered big ogres that are just gonna go out there and maul guys all day. They're not gonna show too much emotion, they're not gonna be the guy that you see that's gonna be the face of your team, so don't expect them to sit there and be rah-rah."

"And when the young quarterback is saying, 'Hey, help me help you,' at the end of the day, they probably was confused by the moment because at times they look confused out there," he continued. "You know, let's be honest. When it comes to just what we've been seeing from the last few years from our linemen, our linemen haven't been as good as advertised.

"People want to say, 'Because we've got this person that we highly paid, and this person who we once had, and this Pro Bowler or that Pro Bowler' – that means nothing. That means diddly squat. I can name a bunch of Pro Bowl wide receivers that got more Pro Bowl nods than me and didn't outplay me those seasons."

"So don't get this thing misconstrued," he said. "Just because you have this and have that, that doesn't mean they go out there and put up a great performance every week. Those are just titles. You have to go out there and perform week in and week out for us to even have that notion of you being one of the best. And let's be honest, our offensive linemen haven't been one of those offensive lines you can really sit here and gloat about."

"So he's lost," Moss said of Haskins. "He's a guy that's looking for these guys to give him some answers and they didn't have an answer."