Santana Moss: Scheme holding Redskins defense back?

Chris Lingebach
September 24, 2019 - 8:21 pm

The Washington Redskins' failure to keep constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks is a large part of why they're 0-3.

What was supposed to be an advantage coming into the season – a defensive line that should be good enough to alleviate pressure on the back end of the defense – has instead turned into another weakness, causing the entire defense to collapse unto itself and yield back-breaking gains for their opponents.

So was the defensive line, comprised of three first-round picks – Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne and Montez Sweat – and Matt Ioannidis, just overvalued?

What's more likely, Santana Moss tells Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan, is the scheme isn't allowing them to maximize their opportunities.

"One of the things you look at when you see these guys not getting to the quarterback, when you're sitting here and paying all this money the last few years of bulking up our D-line, getting some of the top talent in, and saying, hey, you almost can put anybody in the back end when you have guys that can get after the quarterback like we do," Moss said during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance,  presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"We was bragging on these guys coming into the season like we might have the No. 1 pass rush, and we still haven't seen it yet," he said. "So when you start seeing that these guys haven't really found a way to gel yet, you start asking yourself: Is it the scheme? Are they being put in the best situation to be successful. That's something that's gonna come up."

Until that's addressed, Moss says the defense should adopt the same mentality as Jonathan Allen, who was nothing if not direct following Monday's 31-15 loss.

"We don't got time to wallow over this. It's Week 3. I don't know one team that's been eliminate from the playoffs after three weeks," Allen said. "We're okay. We're okay. Everything we do is self-inflicted. We've got to do the small things right, we'll be fine. This is not time to jump off ship. And if you're not with us now, that's cool. Keep that same energy."

"All these guys can do is go out there and play now," said Moss. "What's done is done and you can't feel sorry for yourself. That's one thing I learned as a player, and that's in life – you can't feel sorry for what's dealt to you. You have to play the cards the way they're dealt, and they're in a situation right now where they're 0-3. Okay, next game up."

"And that's what I love about Jonathan Allen," he said. "He has the perspective that you should have about everything. Look, at the end of the day, you're gonna ride with us or not.

"Fine. Don't do us no favors. Stay where you're at. Keep the same energy. They don't need nobody but themselves, and they've got to go out there and find a way to just put all this behind them and play some good football."

"Now, before I go and make it seem like this season is over, it's not. And before I go and say these guys are crap, they're not!" Moss continued. "They've showed you that they can play good football. They've showed also that they can't play a complete game, so we're waiting on that.

"I just feel like it's something about Monday night. From the years I played, we never start off right on Monday night, and then you saw in the second half, they found a way to slow things down. We spotted these guys 28 points and they couldn't score for the rest of the second half!"

"So they can play football. They can play a complete game of football," he added. "They've just got to learn how to put both halves together."