Scott Brooks on Wizards' 2-8 start: 'It all starts with me.'

Josh Luckenbaugh
November 07, 2018 - 11:19 am

The morning after the Wizards fell to 2-8 with Tuesday night's loss to the Mavericks, Scott Brooks took responsibility for his team's poor start.

"It all starts with me," Brooks told The Junkies during an appearance on the show Wednesday (presented by Greenberg and Bederman). "I'm not happy with myself right now, and I'm not happy with how we're playing. John is definitely not, and Brad is definitely not, and Otto is definitely not happy with where we are right now."

"We're 2-8, we've been here before a couple years ago, we're exactly in the exact same spot: 2-8. Can we turn it around? Absolutely. But we're not gonna turn it around by hoping."

The last time Washington found itself with a 2-8 record, in 2016-17, the team rallied to win 49 games and reached the Eastern Conference semifinals.

But based on the evidence, the chances of a similar turnaround this year seem low. The Wizards are playing historically bad defense, a point Brooks hammered on throughout his interview with The Junkies. 

"It starts with the defense," he said. "The league is scoring an abundance of points. Everybody in the league is scoring the points, but the teams that are winning are playing much better defense than their opponent. And right now, we're not doing that."

"We've got to turn it around with great effort on the defensive end. Sometimes last night, we were hoping that they (Dallas) would miss shots. When you hope, you never have the success you need. You need to make them miss."

"Right now, we're not in a good place defensively, and I have to find five defenders on the floor that's gonna want do it consistently for one another. Right now, we haven't been able to do that."

Despite the horrendous start, Brooks believes in his team's ability to bounce back and perhaps make another run to the playoffs. But it will take a level of effort the Wizards have yet to produce on a night-in, night-out basis so far this season. 

"We haven't been able to do it consistently, but we have a chance to be able to turn it around. We've got 72 games. Look, that's a lot of games left. We've been here before. We just gotta do it, we gotta really lock in for 48 minutes. And it's hard," said Brooks.

"The league is tough. In order to win one game, it takes a lot of effort on a lot of parts, a lot of pieces. And like I said, I got to do a better job of getting it all together."

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