Doolittle goes for a stroll at Coors Field, gets caught like Bigfoot on hidden camera

Chris Lingebach
April 23, 2019 - 7:07 pm


Nats closer Sean Doolittle was offered a cruel reminder Monday that even when nobody's there, someone's always out there watching.

Coors Field has the equivalent of a nature preserve just beyond center field, which adjoins the visiting bullpen. It has real trees, a waterfall – lots of cool nature stuff. And on this particular day, it also happened to have a hidden camera, tucked away in the trees very voyeuristic-like.

Unbeknownst to Doolittle at the time, that camera belonged to MASN, and it had been collecting visual evidence of his existence as he took leisurely strolls through the mini-forest all throughout the game. MASN presented its findings to the public in the top of the sixth, as Doolittle flashed across viewers' screens looking like Bigfoot in the Patterson–Gimlin footage.

"So, I guess we have to go back and explain why I was back there in the first place," Doolittle told Grant & Danny during his weekly appearance, presented by Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria.

"So, in Colorado behind the center field fence and in front of the batter's eye, there's this area that can only really be described as like a miniature nature preserve," he said. "There's a pond and there's these rock formations all around it, and there's these beautiful like Evergreen trees and stuff and there's actually a path, like a walking path.

"And so between innings, like a couple times last night, I just, I went for a walk, and on one of the walks, one of our bullpen catchers pointed out there was a camera like tucked in behind these trees. And immediately, like, we went into full like conspiracy theory mode because it didn't look like a regular TV camera. It kind of looked like somebody's home video, like portable camera on a tripod like tucked into this tree."

A new twist on the Bigfoot conspiracies: The Bigfoot community has actually been more haunted by human conspiracies this whole time.

"And so I was waving, letting whoever know that we saw them," Doolittle said, "if anybody was trying to like spy on us or something like that."

"When I came back in after the game, one of the reporters – Mark (Zuckerman) from MASN – he showed me the video on his phone," he went on. "And I didn't know it was a MASN camera, or else I might have done something different. I could have danced or something like that. It actually looked really funny, because it was kind of cold so I was super bundled up."

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