Sean Doolittle just wants to dance, too

Josh Luckenbaugh
August 07, 2019 - 10:33 am
Nationals closer Sean Doolittle celebrates a win over the Giants.

As you may have noticed, the Washington Nationals like to dance. 

In what's become a hilarious team tradition, the Nats hold a dugout dance party every time they hit a home run. And while he may not hit many (if any) homers, closer Sean Doolittle wanted to get in on the fun during Tuesday's 5-3 win over the Giants. 

However, after Doolittle pitched a scoreless ninth inning for his 25th save, his teammates rejected his proposal for a post-game jig.

"I wasn't in the dance line, you would have known about it if I was," Doolittle told reporters afterward. "I would have done something stupid and made a fool out of myself. I would have turned into a GIF or something."

"But I wanted to dance with the guys after the save, they said, 'No, you have to hit a home run.' So I was like, okay."

Ouch! But classy as ever, Doolittle took the opportunity to expound upon the weird dugout dynamics created by ballparks like the Giants' Oracle Park which don't have an out-of-play bullpen, forcing relievers to sit in the dugout with their teammates.  

"I've played here a bunch, and normally it's really awkward being in the dugout during the game," said Doolittle. "Because as relievers, we're in a different headspace than guys who are playing positions and are in the game from the start."

"So you feel like you're in the way, you don't know where to be, someone comes in from making an out and you don't really know what to say or do. So we try to give them their space."

"But this team, man, it's so fun to be in the dugout with these guys that I'm actually enjoying it this time. So it's been fun these last couple days."

Well, let's hope his teammates let Doolittle join in on one of their dance parties. And who knows, Doolittle did hit 15 home runs during his collegiate career at Virginia! Nothing is impossible.

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