Springs: Redskins fine without 'below average' Quinton Dunbar

Chris Lingebach
March 25, 2020 - 2:43 pm

Many Redskins fans were surprised the team was only able to get a fifth-round pick back for Quinton Dunbar, but Shawn Springs wasn't surprised by the return for a player he says was "below average" as a corner in Washington.

"I know when you have a new coach, and I know of Coach Rivera from just talking to him at Coach Gibbs' golf tournaments, and I know he's very tight with Coach Gibbs," Springs told The Sports Junkies on Wednesday. "And I know Coach Gibbs' mentality is, if you don't want to be here and you're upset, you can go somewhere else."

"Any time you have a new coach, man, he's trying to set the tone and he's looking for his type of guys, people who want to be there that aren't disgruntled," he said. " And a lot of times it's, I'm quite sure after their meeting – it probably went over well – but they probably expressed their opinions about the organization and where they were at.

"And obviously you see he's in Seattle now, so it worked out for Dunbar, because he's a long, athletic corner. He's out there with Pete Carroll and he's used to having long, athletic corners, so he should be alright."

Asked if he thought Dunbar was good in Washington, Springs replied, "No. No, he was average. Below average."

Asked why Dunbar graded out so high – Pro Football Focus had him as one of the top corners in 2019 – Springs replied, "I don't like to talk bad about people, but I don't go off of (PFF). I looked at the secondary and it looked like, I mean he was playing well and he was cool, but it's totally different when Josh Norman...

"And Josh, maybe he's gonna bounce back after the year he had, but every time I looked up, the touchdown was being caught on him and Dunbar was playing solid, so maybe that's why he felt like he was the man."

Springs did like the Redskins signing Kendall Fuller, one of a pair of free agent additions to the Redskins' secondary, along with safety Sean Davis.

"I think Kendall Fuller's real solid and is really good at nickel," said Springs. "Here's what I think about Kendall Fuller. He's not over athletic, so he's not a super fast guy who can be on the outside all the time. But he's smart, he makes great plays, he's good around the ball, he studies film and he works on his craft.

"And I think that he's one of those guys who's solid and you can plug him in."

"I think the young kid out of JMU is athletic, fast. Jimmy (Moreland), he can run," he said. "He's quick and he's gonna be a factor. And I think that you can let a guy like Dunbar walk, because, I mean, you guys talk about grading out high, but when you look at the secondary of Washington, I can't recall like, can you think about in your head a play where you can just be like, 'Wow. They were outstanding,' or a game where he was just like balling against somebody? I can't recall that, but that's just me."

Springs wasn't surprised to see Norman get a second chance in Buffalo. Released by the Redskins last month, Norman signed a one-year deal with the Bills worth up to $6 million. Springs believes it's a good fit for Norman, who stands to be utilized better there than he was in Washington.

"One thing about Josh, he's gonna work hard, he's gonna punch the ball out. Put him in the right system," Springs said. "I just think this system, when I said on air that everybody in Washington was giving him a hard time, and me and Josh had a little back and forth, but the truth of the matter is Josh, he's kind of like Ronde Barber. He's a good football player in the right system."

"He's good around the ball. He'll punch the ball out. He has great ball skills," he continued. "Now, when you try to put him on island and have him in man-to-man all the time, that's a totally different ask for a kid that didn't do that in Carolina.

"Now Sean McDermott is gonna have him facing the quarterback, zone-blitzing, using his skills to jump plays and stuff like that and I think he's gonna be excellent. Buffalo's got a good secondary, so he's gonna have to play and Sean's gonna hold him accountable, so I like it for him."