Sources: Redskins hearing offers for Quinton Dunbar

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March 23, 2020 - 11:23 am
Sources: Redskins hearing offers for Quinton Dunbar

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The Redskins are accepting calls on CB Quinton Dunbar, but they aren't initiating the conversations, 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen reported Monday.

UPDATE: Redskins Trade Dunbar To Seattle

Paulsen expanded on the Dunbar situation on his radio show Monday afternoon, explaining the Redskins now hold an advantage they didn't prior to the new collective bargaining agreement.

"It's now mandated - not up to the team basically - that you get fined $40K a day when you hold out from training camp," Paulsen said. "That's number one. So that adds up quickly. I mean you want to miss a week? Okay, just take six workdays times $40K. That's how much you're out after that first week. Good luck."

"Second reason it's so difficult for players to hold out on this new CBA is that, we now know, that there is no language to decipher, there's no caveats and gray areas and ways to win a hearing," he said. "If you don't report you lose your accrued season towards free agency. Period. What does that mean?

"It means if Quinton Dunbar holds out, or pulls what we call a 'Trent Williams', and doesn't play all season like Trent Williams did. Trent Williams got a year closer to free agency by not showing up to the Redskins. There were two years left on his deal that he signed with the team. He didn't play last year. Didn't show up. Did kind of, at one point, for a split-second."

"So what happens is, he's one year closer to free agency," Paulsen added. "He just didn't play last year. On the new CBA, if Quinton Dunbar holds out for the season, the Redskins still have a year left of your contract, cause it just carries over until you show up, basically." 

The news comes days after Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported the team was shopping Dunbar. While the disgruntled corner has stated he wants a new contract, Paulsen is under the impression the Redskins' new coaching staff wants to continue to evaluate him to see if he is a building block.