JUNKIES: Awadd's increasing size is a growing issue

Ben Krimmel
November 14, 2019 - 12:55 pm

Take all your big plans, and break 'em, this is bound to be a while, Adam Epstein's body is a wonderwall.

The Sports Junkies producer known as Awadd's surface area has been a growing issue. The man who once declared himself the third most attractive person at 106.7 The Fan (seriously, that happened) has been coming into a bit of heat for his physique.

"Dude, what happened to you?" Junkies' Eric Bickel said Wednesday. "Your belly doesn't want to be that big!"

"You're in bad shape, dude," EB added.

Evidently, Awadd's coworkers weren't the only ones concerned: The father of Awadd also is worried.

"Monday I went to lunch with my dad," Awadd said. "And as soon as he saw me, he grabbed my stomach and he was like, 'You're so freaking fat!'"

For those less aware of Awadd's expanding oeuvre a quick recap of recent events: He wrestled shirtless and was effortlessly pinned by comedian Brad Williams (who stands 4-foot-4), got into an argument with fellow Junkies producer Matt Valdez, and in a verbal spat with Chris Lingebach, and started squawking at Grant & Danny producer Tom Daly, and also somehow went on a 'date' with Lisa Ann

Epstein claims when he started working at The Fan he weighed 185 and in July 2016 was as low as 176 pounds. 

This week, he claims to tip the scale at 229 pounds.

"You've gained 56 pounds!" EB said.

With the holiday season coming, Awadd's waist is now a growing concern for all. The first step to solving anything is admitting there is a problem and thankfully, that fist step is coming up. Soon.

"I am changing my life," Awadd said. "As of Monday, I'm fully committed."

We'll wait now, with bated breath. 

If he can shed the pounds and get under 202 by Jan. 1, 2020, Awadd will win some cash from each of The Junks.

If not the consequences could be dire.

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