Junkies: 'We need a missing persons for Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan'

Josh Luckenbaugh
September 17, 2018 - 7:19 am

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins fell short in all aspects of the game in their 21-9 loss to the Colts Sunday, the Junkies unimpressed with Washington's pass rush in particular. 

"We need a missing persons for Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan," Eric Bickel said Monday morning. "So far in two games, those two guys have zero sacks."

"Someone might also want to remind Preston Smith that it's a contract year, too," John "Cakes" Auville added. "It's a very important year for him."

Smith and Kerrigan were supposed to be a two-headed monster constantly causing problems for opposing quarterbacks and offensive lines, but so far the Redskins pass rush has not been nearly as menacing as expected.

After neither recorded a tackle or sack in Week 1 against Arizona, the pair combined for five tackles but no sacks against Indianapolis, Smith hitting Andrew Luck just once. Matt Ioannidis got the team's only sack Sunday, his second of the season.

"This is two weeks in a row without a pass rush. That's a problem, it's a huge problem," John-Paul Flaim said. "It's two weeks in a row with almost no pressure."

"The defensive line is vastly overrated," Flaim went on to say. "Maybe we were expecting too much. They're young! Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne. We're expecting these guys to be dominant. The Colts, who have a weak offensive line and nubber running backs — just take a look at that first drive, they just marched right down the field."

However, the Junkies noted the pass rush was not the only problem Sunday, the offense generating just nine points on three field goals. 

"It's just embarrassing. The Redskins had the ball for 33 minutes, and they scored nine points," Bickel said. "It's not like we only had the ball for 20 minutes. Had the ball for plenty of opportunities." 

"You can definitely point to problems on the defense: they're not creating pressure, they really didn't do a good job against the run. Their defensive line got mauled by the Colts offensive line. But if you said before the game they were gonna hold the Colts to 21, they should win that game," said Flaim. 

"In the NFL in 2018, with all the rules and the parity, if you can't get into the endzone, man you suck," Jason Bishop added. 

You can listen to the Junkies' full thoughts on the loss below, Bickel summing up his feelings quite succinctly: "It was one of the worst games I've seen in the last year or two." 

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