Junkies remember fun times under 'Boss Hog'

Ben Krimmel
June 29, 2020 - 5:36 pm

To describe the success of Joe Gibbs, the most decorated coach in Redskins franchise history, one doesn't need to say much more beyond simply stating 'three-time Super Bowl winner.' But one of his underrated qualities as a head coach was hiring and empowering great assistants, ESPN's John Keim told The Sports Junkies Monday.

And one of those great assistant coaches was Joe Bugel. The leader of the offensive line and leader of the famous Hogs died over the weekend at the age of 80. 

Was Bugel a guy who Gibbs leaned on? "Yes, and I think (Gibbs) clearly trusted him," Keim said. "The thing I always wondered was Gibbs have really wanted to return (to coach the Redskins for a second time) if Bugel didn't want to come back to coaching just because (Bugel) meant that much to (Gibbs). And you saw the success they had (together)."

And to Redskins fans, the loss of the coach known as Boss Hog took a great emotional toll, too. 

"I just remember Joe being a dynamic personality," EB said. "And when I saw that he passed it did, as a Redskins fan, it did jolt me."

"I love Buges. He's one of those guys from that era... you just have positive feelings about. He was just a fun guy." 

Here is the full The Sports Junkies segment remembering Joe Bugel:

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