Awadd is getting evicted

Chris Lingebach
July 09, 2018 - 12:27 pm

Twitter: @P2Wradio


Awadd presented a curious headline conundrum with his latest offering to The Junkies on Monday.

After racking my brain for several minutes, I eventually concluded this audience would respond better to positive news, and thus, 'Awadd is getting evicted' won out over 'Fred Davis wants to put Awadd's podcast on the map.'

Hold up. Lots to unpack, here.

As Awadd revealed, he has not been kicked out of his house. But befuddled by the questioning, he clarified "there's a court summons" to evict he and his roommate. So, semantics.

"But we're good," he said. "My mom's taking care of it."

According to Awadd:

"One of my roommates totally whored me. There was a flood in his room from like the air conditioner, and he just moved out after that and claimed he was gonna sue the landlord because his bed was damaged. And then she says, 'Well if you don't pay the full rent, you're gonna get evicted.' And so, we supposedly compromised that I would just pay for my half, and now she's demanding the full rent. And my mom says, 'Well, if you want to go to court, I know how to handle this.' So July 19 I'll have more information."

It stands to reason whether Awadd understands how leases work; that, no matter the circumstances, a lease requires the full amount to be paid each month to ensure continued residence. Thus the eviction notice.

Then, out of nowhere, Awadd dropped another bomb on The Junks about his podcast, 'Play To Win.'

Awadd, through his podcast dealings, has struck up some sort of friendship with former Redskins tight end Fred Davis.

And apparently Fred Davis is ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Awadd: This weekend, he wants to, like, support Play To Win with like a big-ass check. 

Cakes: Like how big?

Awadd: Like, almost six figures.

JP: What?!

Awadd: Yeah. He says, 'What will it take to put Play To Win on the map?' He wants to make us as good as The Junkies.

Cakes: A new host! Or two!

Bish: I don't believe that. Does anybody believe that? Does anybody believe Fred Davis wants to pay a hundred grand to keep Play To Win on? 

Cakes: No. I'm calling shenanigans, full-on shenanigans from Awadd.

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