Matt Valdez Has Sister 'Jean Fatigue'

Chris Lingebach
March 26, 2018 - 3:44 pm

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

If the 11-seed Loyola-Chicago Ramblers are the Cinderella of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, Sister Jean is the belle of the ball.

Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, at 98 years old, has stolen the show, presented as the unofficial mascot during the Ramblers' fanciful tourney run. On Saturday, the Ramblers -- in their first Final Four appearance since 1963 -- hope to repeat history against No. 3 Michigan by punching their first ticket to the national title game in 55 years, when Sister Jean was a mere 43 years of age.

Everyone, it seems, has fallen in love with the adorable Sister Jean. Everyone, but cold-hearted Junkies producer Matt Valdez.

Drab: You know that Valdez is so bitter about Sister Jean?

Cakes: Why does he care? Why does it bother him? 

Bish: Let me guess what it is. He's upset that everyone's hyping them up, and they didn't pay attention to them all year, they knew nothing about the program, and it's all about Sister Jean, and she's getting all the shine.

Drab: Exactly. He goes, 'Loyola is so nubbs. Nobody knows anything about 'em or cares about 'em. The only thing they care about is Sister Jean. They show her a  million times a show.'

Valdez: I thought it was a cool story the first five times CBS showed her.

Cakes: Now you're over it. You just want them to lose so badly.

Valdez: I have Jean fatigue.

Bish: Alright. Let me ask you this, then. You obviously have Jean Fatigue. Do you want to see them beat Michigan or lose to Michigan? Is it a better story for you if they get to the championship game?

Valdez: It's a better story if they win it all.

Bish: So you are kind of pulling for them.

Valdez: Although, if they win it all, it's just gonna be unbearable. It really is. And then, I guarantee you Sister Jean is gonna die a week after they win the national title and it's gonna be this huge story.

When a caller later suggested Sister Jean has a surprising level of baseball acumen, Valdez, cruelly, zinged, "She was probably dating (James) Naismith!"

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