This QB mess is uniquely a Redskins problem

Chris Lingebach
November 05, 2019 - 4:11 pm

Santana Moss has a theory on why Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan won't come out and name Dwayne Haskins the starting quarterback.

"Because personally, I don't believe that they want him to start," Moss told 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes during his weekly appearance, presented by Paul Henry's Windows.

"I think he wants Case Keenum to start," Moss said. "I believe that as long as Bill is our interim head coach, he's going to put the person that he feels like gives us the best chance to win. Whether we like that or not, hey, that's his guy, that's their guy, then I'm gonna live with it."

"At the end of the day, I want to see these guys compete," he said. "And what I've been seeing for the last few weeks, it seems defensively, even with the Buffalo Bills jumping out in the first few series and scoring, they settled down and found a way to stop them. Now the offense has to jump on board. Coming into the game, it was nine quarters we hadn't had a touchdown; end of this game, it's 13 quarters now we haven't had a touchdown.

"If the offense finds any way into that end zone, it's a different ball game (Sunday), because our defense did their part. They held these guys all the way into the fourth quarter before they scored again. I just believe that, whatever he's doing, he's trying to do the right thing. Regardless if it's the quarterback or not, I want the best guy in the game that's going to give us a chance to win games and put up points."

"More than just win the game," he added. "Put up points so we can be competitive."

That still doesn't answer the more pressing question of why the Redskins are seemingly choosing to go for wins with a bridge quarterback in Keenum, rather than letting their 15th overall pick grow into the Redskins offense, amidst a season that's clearly lost at 1-8. The Redskins have nothing to play for but the future, and don't want to play their quarterback of the future?

Asked who in the organization could possibly still want to see Keenum on the field, Moss said, "I mean, honestly, if you watch games. See, you've gotta look at the football the way I look at it. As a receiver, I watch what quarterbacks are watching or seeing."

"Everybody wants the kid to play because it's gonna be his show sooner or later," he said. "But right now, his development, he might not be seeing things as clear as he will see them down the road. So you don't have a time to really be sitting back here thinking, and waiting and hoping that he sees what he's seeing pre-snap and all of the different disguises that defenses put up on you."

Moss paints a scenario in which Callahan's immediate interests conflict with the organization's longer term interests, which, you don't have to be a prognosticator to know that's not ideal.

"You don't want to have to deal with that in the back of your head as a coach, whether he's picking it up or not," said Moss. "So you're gonna say, 'You know what? We know he has a big arm. We know he's picking it up as the game goes on, or as the weeks go on, but I don't have time for that. Right now, Case Keenum sees it. He knows it. He's been through the fire. He's gonna give us the best chance.'

"That's what makes me believe that that's why coach hasn't given us the word yet on him, because he really thinks that, right now, since I'm the interim and I might not have a future here as the head coach, I want to win some games and this guy, to me, will give us a chance to win the games with the team that I'm putting up in place."

Dukes pointed out that the best course of action for the organization is clearly to start Haskins now.

"No, it was definitely the right call," said Moss. "Look, if you ask me what should go on from here, I say play him. Because one, you put him out there. At the end of the day, we're not going anywhere postseason-wise. Let's build on the future. Let's build on him coming in next year, having to get all this rust off him now. That's my honest opinion.

"But when you look at how things has been going on, just knowing where the team stands, nobody wants to be sitting here being a part of these outings when they're going out there and they're not bringing home Ws, or not even competing to the level of saying that you had a chance to win the game."

"I think one of the things that has been shown, they've been playing a little more technique sound, and you can give that credit to the interim coach, Callahan," he said. "But it's all about winning games. Herm Edwards said it best: You play to win the game. When you have a coach like Callahan and you have those guys in place, they're gonna try to make sure that they're doing the best to their ability to win the game.

"And I think that's why he would lean with a guy like Case, because Case showed you, when we weren't playing good defense, Case was putting up points. And I think he believes that if Case comes back in there, passes protocol and everything, he could give them the best chance to do so again."

So in conclusion, Callahan, who's trying his best to win games, prefers Keenum. Still 1-3 since taking over for Jay Gruden, Callahan won't make the switch to Haskins because he doesn't give them the best chance to win the game, even though they're not winning the games anyway. Sounds about right for this 1-8 Redskins team.

This should end well.