Loverro: Caps lost the Stanley Cup in Game 1

Chris Lingebach
May 30, 2018 - 5:29 pm
Capitals_Golden Knights_Game 1

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY

File this away as a Stanley Cup Final take which will yield instant gratification or sadness.

Hours before Game 2, Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro were discussing whether the Capitals, after dropping Game 1 to the Golden Knights, must win in Las Vegas before returning to D.C. for Game 3.

In Loverro's assessment, it's not Game 2 that's a must-win; it was Game 1, which they lost 6-4 on Monday.

"When you score four goals on the road in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals and lose, you blew your must-win," Loverro said. "I think the Caps lost the series in Game 1."

"In Game 1?" Dukes asked.

"Do you know what their record is this year when they've scored four goals in regulation? 34-1," Loverro said. "Okay, so they've lost one game all year where they've scored four goals, and lost."

Even the most casual observer would note the impossibility of losing a best-of-seven series in one game. But, Loverro insists. The Caps have done it.

"In the history of the team, they've only lost six playoff games when they've scored four goals in regulation," he said. "You can't, against a team, that I don't know how you cannot conclude, after watching them in Game 1, is faster, deeper and better."

"And you had a chance to beat them," he went on. "You had Marc-André Fleury on the ropes with four goals, and you came away with a loss? I don't see them getting better. I don't see all of a sudden the nervousness-out-of-the-system kind of thing. I think they got beat. I think they got beat by a better team, and sometimes that happens, and I just have a feeling that that was an opportunity. That wasn't a loss. It was a blown opportunity."

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