Thom Loverro goes after Chris Russell for 'Ted Leonsis bootlicking'

Chris Lingebach
August 23, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Twitter: @BrocPlymin

106.7 The Fan contributors Thom Loverro and Chris Russell got into a Twitter tussle on Tuesday that's spilled over onto the airwaves.

"How could you possibly have any type of a dustup with that gentleman?" Loverro was asked by Chad Dukes on Wednesday. "What happened between you two?"

"Well, he hit the trigger. The Ted Leonsis bootlicking trigger," Loverro said. "Where, basically, he tweeted – after the Nats owners had sent out the letter to their season-ticket holders saying that they're looking forward now to next season – Russell sent this out..."

Dukes: "Okay. What's wrong with that? That sounds great."

Loverro: "Well, which I then tweeted back to him: 'You mean like questions about Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld's contract?' Which, he's never answered, and nobody has answered, and they kept it under wraps, and they've actually never even acknowledged it existed, this contract extension that he got."

Dukes: "Okay. But... that is also your white whale. That is a hot-button topic for you."

Loverro: "But it's a direct response to saying that Ted is open and transparent, when he won't even speak to the leadership of his basketball team. So, I tweeted that to him, and then he tweeted out: 'That's between you and Ted, Thom. He's always been willing to talk more than any other owner. By far.' Which I tweeted back: 'Seriously? Talking isn't answering questions, like calling the Dwight Howard attitude stories a media-generated issue.' Which is what Ted did."

Loverro: "One last one. I tweeted back to him: 'Sounds like a Monumental Network D.C. Hot Read to me.' Which he pointed out that he hasn't been collecting a check from Ted for the last four months. So..."

Dukes: "Well, do you think maybe he's trying to crawl back into those coffers?"

Loverro: "I don't know. I don't know why he would feel the need to single out Ted Leonsis as this bastion of transparency when he's just the opposite. In a way, I'd prefer the Lerners and Snyder, who don't say anything, rather than being hypocritical."

Dukes: "So you would rather there be a veil of silence."

Loverro: "Rather than hypocrisy? What do you hate more?"

Dukes: "Oh, I hate hypocrisy way more."

Loverro: "Well, then, that's what I'm talking about here. ...So to sit there and say that the Nats and the Redskins owners, they should be more like Ted Leonsis, to me, that's a non-starter. Because I don't think Ted is any bastion of transparency either."

In the midst of their conversation, Dukes was engaged in his own tango with Neil Greenberg, which you'll also hear about in the segment.

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