FINLAY: Trent Williams has Redskins 'completely over a barrel'

Chris Lingebach
June 04, 2019 - 6:37 pm

Trent Williams saw how the Redskins struggled to find a replacement for him in-season each of the past two years. He watched as they drafted a tackle in Geron Christian in last year's third round.

All of that is exposition for what led to Tuesday, when Williams no-showed on the first day of mandatory minicamp, only for reports to leak shortly thereafter that he's demanding a new contract or to be traded.

Williams, who will be 32 when the final year of his five-year, $68 million contract with the Redskins expires after the 2020 season, also knows Ereck Flowers has been a train wreck at OTAs.

The Redskins need him and he knows it. Now he has them "completely over a barrel," JP Finlay tells Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan.

"Remember during the Kirk Cousins-Redskins conversation that went on endless, it seemed?" Finlay said. "We all talked then about how Kirk had all the leverage, but throughout that process there remained a question, and some would argue that the question still exists. Is Kirk that good? Right? And that was the huge caveat to the: Should they pay up for Kirk?"

"That question doesn't exist with Trent Williams," he continued. "If this is a seesaw, it's completely one-sided. Trent Williams has the Skins completely over a barrel. Because I've been watching Ereck Flowers the last few weeks. He's bad. That cannot be your option."

"He's bad at guard?" Dukes asked.

"He hasn't gotten to play guard because they don't have anybody healthy," Finlay explained. "He's bad at tackle. He's terrible at tackle. So I've been noticing, and I don't know if you get all the press releases or whatever, but it's kind of my universe to pay a lot of attention to that. They have been churning and burning tackles.

"They have been bringing guys in, releasing them. Bringing new guys in, releasing them. I bet they've gone through six or seven tackles since OTAs started."


"They keep bringing all these guys to see if they can create something," Finlay went on. "They've got Timon Parris out there. I mean, there's a lot of tackles coming through there. And until today, I kind of just looked at it as they need to create depth. And then all of a sudden today you wonder what the hell's going on here? Is there something bigger?"

"Fans are right to be pissed," he said. "I get that. He's got two years left on his deal. I understand that they're like, 'Trent, what the hell? We rooted for you all this time. We dealt with suspensions. We dealt with injuries.'"

"I texted a league source (about Williams)," Finlay revealed. "The reply: 'Severely underpaid.' And I know that folks will see that and be like what are you talking about? But when you look at the list of the highest paid offensive linemen, here is where it's starting to get screwed up, is that Trent plays left tackle, which is still the absolute most important position on the offensive line.

"A right tackle is getting paid $16.5 million in Oakland, and he's got three guards ahead of him. Remember how Jay Gruden said 'guard' with disdain? Imagine how Trent Williams is saying that when (Jaguars guard) Andrew Norwell is making a little bit more money than him."

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