Trent Williams is in town, but is it football related?

Chris Lingebach
September 05, 2019 - 4:47 pm

Trent Williams' holdout continues as the Redskins prepare for their Week 1 regular season game against the Eagles on Sunday.

But, as Adrian Peterson inadvertently revealed to reporters on Thursday, Williams is in town. It's just unclear for what reasons. 106.7 The Fan reporter Craig Hoffman elaborated to Chad Dukes Thursday afternoon.

"Adrian Peterson accidentally told us that Trent Williams is in town, although he might just be like checking his mail," Hoffman said. "I wouldn't read too, too much into that."

"Can we read anything into that?" Dukes inquired. "I mean, it's good that he's in town, right?"

"It's better than him not being in town," Hoffman said. "He could potentially meet up with Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen, certainly, while he's here, or Jay Gruden or anybody else from the organization. But I don't think that he's here because he is planning to do any of that stuff. I have not been told that."

"I think he still has some of his family, like his kids are still here in Northern Virginia," he said. "Obviously he does have property here, his main house. He's been living here for, what, nine years? So I think there's plenty of reasons for him to come that are personal, not professional, but that does not rule out while he's here having some professional contacts and professional conversations that could result in him resuming his profession.

"That is not out of the question."

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