Mike Florio on Trent Williams: Redskins failed to 'kiss his ass'

Ben Krimmel
August 22, 2019 - 1:13 pm

The Washington Redskins will be without their best linemen for another preseason game Thursday night when they take on the Atlanta Falcons.

And whose is mostly to blame for Trent Williams' continued absence? ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio told The Sports Junkies why the answer is obvious.

"News flash: Dysfunctional organization does dysfunctional things," Florio said on 106.7 The Fan Thursday. "They don't know how to handle it."

Florio then breaks down what the organization should have done as soon they learned the Pro Bowl tackle wanted out of Washington.

"Step 1: Go find him and kiss his ass," he begins. "If that doesn't work, Step 2: Kiss his ass even harder. If that doesn't work, trade him. And trade him while you can get the most for him.

"You're not gonna get the most you can get for Trent Williams if you trade him during the season and some other team has to plug-and-play him into an offensive line that is the big guy ballet where they all work together. It's not like defensive line where you just go after the quarterback or the ball carrier, you're working in unison as a member of an offensive line."

Florio believes the Redskins waiting has cost them on any potential return, adding, "The later into a season you get a guy the harder it is to get value for him this year." 

So why haven't team president Bruce Allen or owner Daniel Snyder made a move yet to maximize the return?

"I just think that they never have taken this seriously, they have believed that the passage of time will unmuffle his feathers," Florio said. 

After reports indicate the Redskins were listening to offers, Florio believed the franchise was actually turning a corner on handling situations like Williams' correctly. Then, Washington denied any talks were ongoing.

Florio said the Redskins strategy of waiting for Williams to cave under the pressure of fines "is not going to work with a guy who does not want to be there."

Williams has told friends he is ready to skip the entire season.

What is left for the Skins to do? "They just need to acknowledge that it's over," he told The Junks. "Or make some last-ditch effort to get him to come back by kissing his butt and jamming a bunch of money into his wallet."

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