Trey Quinn will do 'whatever it takes to win a sh*t ton of games' this year

Chris Lingebach
August 20, 2019 - 5:38 pm

Trey Quinn will be held out for a third straight preseason game as the Redskins take on the Atlanta Falcons Thursday.

Quinn injured his thumb during pre-game warmups ahead of their preseason opener in Cleveland two weeks ago. Jay Gruden has made no bones about it: Quinn is his starting slot receiver this season, and he won't risk further injury by playing him in a meaningless preseason game.

"We still have high hopes that he will be fine for Philly," Gruden said Tuesday. "In the meantime, while he's been hurt with his thumb, we've got to look at some other guys. Steven Sims has done a good job, (Darvin) Kidsy has done a good job there when he has been asked. As far as the other guys, I think it's important for them all to play and we'll just figure it out at the right time."

But to hear Quinn tell it, the second-year receiver is chomping at the bit – maybe even his own fingers – to get back on the field and compete.

To not be playing Thursday night, how tough is this for you to be dealing with... is it the thumb injury?

Quinn: "Yeah it's a thumb, and I guess it's just precautionary right now. I mean I just hurt it before practice, I wasn't playing, so it kind of sucks. I mean I want to get out there and play. But it's progressing well. It should be healthy pretty soon. I'm out there catching balls right now, so."

What happened? Was it before the Cleveland game?

Quinn: "It was before the Cleveland game. It just got a little chaotic on the pre-game, I guess. I got ran into catching a punt. Just a little injury. It's nothing big."

If it was regular season, would it be an issue?

Quinn: "Yeah, I'm out there. Don't even ask that question, man. Don't ask that question."

You had to deal with a bunch of sh*t last year. Is it annoying to still have to be held out dealing with injuries?

Quinn: "Look, I'd bite my frickin' fingers off if this thing gets healthy. I just want to get out there and play ball. I mean, this isn't a big thing. It's nothing at all. I'd go out there and fight tomorrow with my brothers. It's their decision to keep me out and we'll just progress from there."

Do you feel like you need the reps at all? You're still obviously a young player.

Quinn: "I like reps. I frickin' love football. I don't need 'em, but I want 'em. I like getting out there. I get aggravated not being out there. I get pretty pissed off. I'm one of the guys that like to be out there and practice, get the reps and then go in there prepared for the game."

Would you want to play in the fourth preseason game?

Quinn: "I wanna frickin' play. I mean I want to get out there just in general. I know they don't count, but to be honest with you, I mean I want to get out there and compete. And whatever it takes to win a sh*t ton of games – to use your language – this year, I'm about that. So come the Eagles Week 1, I want to be ready to win."

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