The Capitals finally Got That Stanley

Chris Lingebach
June 13, 2018 - 3:09 pm

Twitter: @matchbox369

Get That Stanley started as organically as any movement born on sports-talk radio does.

It was 2015, and after a riveting seven-game opening-round series victory over the Islanders, the Capitals had once again found themselves in a position which had defined Alex Ovechkin's career all too well to that point. Up 3-1 over the Rangers, the Caps now had to put them away.

"Hey man. I gotta go with the Caps as the realistic ones, man. They're playing real good hockey right now. I'm still a little scared, if we get through New York, playing the Lightning or whatever. But from the look of it, if we do get that Stanley, go to the Stanley Finals or whatever..."

The Junkies seized on the comedic moment, and that one little slip-up -- 'Get That Stanley' -- would be replayed on the show again, and again, and again and again. It became somewhat of a rallying cry, one which would bond The Junkies to Caps fans who also listened to the show.

Remixes were made, with 'Get That Stanley' dropped alliteratively into songs which happened to feature the word 'get.'

But, inevitably, it transformed back into the same punchline it was in its infancy.

The Capitals would ultimately lose that series to the Rangers -- dropping three straight, two on the road -- culminating with a bitter Game 7 loss at Madison Square Garden.

They would not Get That Stanley the next year, either, or the next, and were eliminated by Pittsburgh in the second round of consecutive playoffs  -- in six and seven games, respectively -- leaving a bitter aftertaste to a once excitable 'Get That Stanley' movement.

Well, I'm here to tell you the Capitals finally Got That Stanley, and it couldn't taste any sweeter. And the Get That Stanley movement is rightly reinvigorated, albeit with a slightly different spin.

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