SNIDER: Washington deserves the NFL Draft

Rick Snider
May 28, 2019 - 4:58 pm
Washington deserves the 2022 NFL Draft

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Washington deserves the 2022 NFL Draft and one prominent lines-maker is betting it may indeed come to the nation's capital. made Washington the 5-2 second choice, after Boston (2-1), in its futures wagering on Tuesday. Word is the NFL is looking for a major city after going to Nashville last month, and Las Vegas in 2020 as part of the Raiders moving there. Cleveland hosts in 2021 and Kansas City in 2023, so there's a strange gap for 2022 to be filled.

Washington deserves it a lot more than Boston, which seems to have a championship parade every few months anymore. The Bruins are up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals, so another parade may be coming.

Sure, the Capitals delivered a great championship last year and a memorable parade, but football has been pretty quiet since George H.W. Bush was president. It's time the NFL showed some love to Washington.

The NFL needs to place the draft in cities that most likely won't host a Super Bowl. Translation: cold places that don't have a dome stadium. The Redskins should have a retractable dome for their next venue in 2027, but domes cost anywhere from $100 million to $400 million, so it's not a sure thing. Without a dome, Washington has zero chance of hosting a Super Bowl, so at least bring the NFL Draft here before giving it to Jacksonville or London.

The National Mall seems a natural site, but no private company can host an event on it. Sure, non-profit festivals and protests can overrun it, but the NFL supposedly can't. That said, it's not like deals can't be made.

But, President Trump is no friend of the NFL. That is, unless maybe the NFL hosts the event on Pennsylvania Ave., right by his hotel where every televised shot looking down to the U.S. Capitol shows the Trump Hotel on the right. The president loves free advertising.

Put the stage on Freedom Plaza and close Pennsylvania Ave. for a few days. It's not like the street isn't closed for festivals. This is a once-per-generation event and worth a few days of street closures. We have those all the time anyway.

The NFL owes the Redskins a big one off the Albert Haynesworth salary cap sanction, which was pure nonsense but hurt the team for two seasons. Maybe Congress can throw them another tax concession.

Just think –  "With the first selection of the 2022 draft, the Washington Redskins select . . ."

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