Which ex-Alabama teammates did Redskins consult about Foster?

Chris Lingebach
November 28, 2018 - 8:46 pm

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When the Redskins claimed accused domestic abuser Reuben Foster on Tuesday, they released a statement explaining the reasons why they were willing to take the chance.

One reason the Redskins provided in the statement – attributed to Doug Williams, VP of Player Personnel – they felt reassured by "candid conversations with a number of his ex-Alabama teammates and current Redskins players who were overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance."

Being around those former teammates, the Redskins hope, will eventually provide Foster "with the best possible environment to succeed both personally and professionally."

The Redskins have seven Alabama alums on their roster, five of whom are active. The others, Arie Kouandjio and Cam Sims, are waiting out the season on Injured Reserve.

Here's the complete list:

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Shaun Dion Hamilton

Daron Payne

Jonathan Allen

Ryan Anderson

Arie Kouandjio

Cam Sims

So which ex-Alabama teammates did the Redskins consult about Foster? Well, you can knock Clinton-Dix and Allen off the list.

Shaun Dion Hamilton declined to comment, so his position is unknown.

The revised list:

Shaun Dion Hamilton

Daron Payne

Ryan Anderson

Arie Kouandjio

Cam Sims

Now, this is really picking nits, but "a number of his ex-Alabama teammates" seems to signify more than one, which the five players remaining on the list certainly fulfills. But having two players flatly deny talking to the front office about Foster does beg the question as to why the Redskins would consult any number of five ex-Alabama teammates but exclude two others (Allen and Clinton-Dix).

In the interest of transparency, both Hamilton and Allen were excited about Foster's acquisition.

Hamilton: We actually all of us talked to him yesterday. We was excited. We were just happy to add him.

Allen: I mean I'm definitely excited he gets another opportunity. Besides that, I can't really say too much about it. I mean I don't really know anything about the situation so I'm probably not the best person to talk to about it.

The Redskins do give themselves an out here, built right into Williams' statement. The slippery language out.

It's quite possible the Redskins could have held candid conversations with a number of Foster's ex-Alabama teammates, which were separate conversations from those held with current Redskins players, and that those two groups were both "overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance."

Let's read it again (emphasis mine): "We decided to investigate the situation with Reuben further by claiming his rights after candid conversations with a number of his ex-Alabama teammates and current Redskins players who were overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance."

Or, who's to say the Redskins didn't consult a number of Foster's ex-Alabama teammates outside of Redskins Park?

In the end, we'll probably never know and this proves to be a fruitless exercise.

If nothing else, maybe it serves as a lesson in how a well-crafted statement can really frame the starting point for a conversation.

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