Who's better: Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?

Chris Lingebach
May 09, 2018 - 7:58 pm

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Capitals have three days off before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final against Tampa Bay. In the meantime, The Junkies can get back to the important arguments, like which 40-something golfer will win more tournaments over the remainder of their dwindling careers.

This joust began with Eric Bickel and Jason "Bish" Bishop on the same side, until they realized they held wildly opposing views on one key issue.

Cakes sparked the flame, correctly observing, "It's just funny, like all the hype for Tiger, and he's just... he's not very good any more. He's just not."

EB, seemingly personally offended, replied, "That's a strange opinion. He's got three Top-12s."

Lurch: He's still good. He's not dominant.

Cakes: He's not what he used to be. Not even close to what he used to be.

Lurch: He didn't play for two years.

Cakes: You guys are chasing a ghost. Have fun!

Cakes asked if Tiger Woods will win a tournament in 2018, prompting EB to vote in Tiger's favor -- "I wouldn't put it past him" -- and Bish to bet against it.

"He's gonna probably win multiple times," EB said.

"Oh, now you're getting crazy," Bish countered.

EB: I didn't hear him saying this about like Phil, when Phil went like five years without winning or whatever. No one was trashing Phil.

Cakes: Nobody cares about Phil Mickelson!

EB: In other words, no one wrote off Phil. Everyone picks Phil.

Bish: I know, but Phil didn't take two and a half years off and have multiple surgeries.

EB: Right! He was playing the whole time and wasn't winning!

Bish: That's how hard it is to win!

EB: Right. Phil's not as good as Tiger.

Bish: No one said that. He is now.

EB: We'll see...

Bish: Oh, please. He won this year already! What are you talking about? He's not? You're telling me Phil Mickelson's not a better golfer right now today than Tiger Woods?

EB: I would take Tiger now the rest of his career over Phil now the rest of his career. Today

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