Brinson: Landon Collins an 'old-school Redskins' signing

Josh Luckenbaugh
March 12, 2019 - 9:10 am

The Redskins' agreement with safety Landon Collins on a six-year, $84 million contract Monday is the type of big-money signing Washington hasn't made in recent years. However, among some national pundits, the Redskins still have a reputation as big offseason spenders.

CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson described the Collins deal as an "old-school" move for the Redskins when on with The Sports Junkies Tuesday morning. 

"It does feel a little throwbacky, in terms of an old-school Redskins free agent deal that could ultimately feel like, 'Ehhh' once the season starts," said Brinson. 

Brinson expressed concerns over Collins' contract, arguing the 25-year old will have to play at an All-Pro level to be worth the money, using a very unique food analogy. 

"Six years, $84 million is a lot, even for a 25-year old safety," Brinson told the Junkies. "The Redskins needed to get a safety. Lord knows they needed to get another Alabama player, they don't have enough of those. This doesn't feel like needs shopping, though."

"It doesn't feel like somebody going out and buying the bare essentials for a household, despite the household needing the bare essentials. It'd be like if your wife told you, 'Hey, we need some meat and potatoes for dinner,' and then you came back like, 'I got a 16-pound bowl of guacamole!' That's great, I'm glad you got all that guacamole, but we don't have any food for dinner." 

"Landon Collins is a very good, young player, who at one point in time ... was an All-Pro (in 2016) who was a top-five defensive player of the year candidate. If you get that on this deal, then you got a good deal. But I think he has to be that for this to be a really good deal."

And if Collins doesn't live up to the high expectations, Brinson noted the Redskins have flexibility to cut Collins after three seasons. 

"The nice thing is at the end of the day it's probably, at worst, a three-year, $45 million contract," Brinson told the Junkies. "You're paying a lot for a safety, that's probably gonna be the market rate for safeties this offseason: We saw (Tyrann Mathieu) get three years and $42 (million) with the Chiefs, I would expect that Earl Thomas signs a two-year, $30 million deal. Lamarcus Joyner's getting a lot of money, Kenny Vaccaro got a lot of money.  

"There's a lot of money to spend because of the salary cap, and all these safeties are getting paid." 

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