JUNKIES: Will the XFL be a success?

Ben Krimmel
February 07, 2020 - 10:32 am

Guess who's back, back again... the XFL is back, tell your friend?

And if you think that reference to an Eminem song seems old, well, it came out the year after the first iteration of Vince McMahon's foray into the world of football. So there has been plenty of time for McMahon to figure things out and make it work. 

However, after flaming out after just a single season in 2001 and watching the AAF disintegrate without completing their inaugural regular season, there is some level of skepticism about the XFL succeeding. 

This time around there will again be some different rules which some NFL and college football fans not fully recognize, but still not the star names, that say the AFL or USFL were able to attract when they were competing with the NFL. The question comes down to: Can the insurgent league generate sustained interest and dedicated fans this time around? 

"It is a different situation, but when the USFL came around there was a ton of interest," Eric Bickel said on The Sports Junkies. "Now, that was different cause they were going after big-name stars. But there was a ton of interest." 

"These are kind of NFL rejects," JP Flaim responded. 

Having said that, the DC Defenders may be in a unique position, not to compete with the NFL team in town, but gain support because of the NFL team in tow.

"I do think that there's an audience of people that do not enjoy going to Redskins games that want to see football," Flaim said.  

Bickel had another idea: "How about people that just like to tailgate? You know how many people just get cised to tailgate and have little parties, get hammered on the weekend? People love to tailgate. Nobody tailgates at Skins games anymore. The tailgate scene there is dead." 

And the other advantage over the Redskins? Audi Field in D.C. is a smaller, more intimate venue for sports for fans and is seen as more easily accessible than FedEx Field. While accessibility will be a big advantage, the product on the field will likely determine the viability of the league. 

The wait is almost over, the DC Defenders host the Seattle Dragons Saturday at 2 p.m. and it can be heard on 106.7 The Fan. 


Listen to The Junkies full conversation on the XFL here:

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