Scott Brooks once lived with Charles Barkley, and it was WILD

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 17, 2018 - 9:58 am

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Charles Barkley is a neat-freak.

That's what The Junkies discovered on Wednesday while talking to Wizards coach Scott Brooks, who lived with the "Round Mound of Rebound" for two months during his rookie season with the  Philadelphia 76ers in 1988.

Brooks says he kept hearing a loud "buzzing noise" when he first began staying with Barkley, and eventually had no choice but to confront his superstar host. The explanation is as surprising as it is hilarious.

"I can't say it the way he said it on air, but he said basically, 'Hey knucklehead, that's me vacuuming the carpets. I can't go to bed if the lines aren't straight from the vacuum cleaner," Brooks told The Junkies. "Big-time OCD. Refrigerator: orange juice, apple juice, grape juice. Everything's organized, the pantry, everything." 

"He's spotless. He's a neat-freak, and you would never see it."

Barkley's logic for letting Brooks stay with him in the first place is just as amazing: "He didn't want me to go lease an apartment for six months because he didn't think I was gonna make it past a day."

"I'm driving his Mercedes and his Porsche, and picking up food for him. We're having a pretty good time, as you can imagine."

Yes, we can definitely imagine.

But not only did Brooks experience Barkley's lavish lifestyle, but he also got to see the Hall-of-Famer's charitable side.

One day, Brooks went with Barkley to a grocery store and bought a ton of food. When they left, Barkley instructed Brooks not to drive home, but rather to go under the "overpass of a freeway."

"And he opens up the back end (of the car), and you would have thought it was like a Woodstock concert. Everybody started flocking to the car, it was all the homeless," Brooks explained. "He was feeding the homeless, and he did it so many times that they knew when his car pulled up, and they would just come."

"It was like probably 75 to 100 people just coming right towards our car, which was really, really amazing for me to see that as a young player."

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