SNIDER: Wizards disappoint again in 2018 draft

Rick Snider
June 22, 2018 - 11:14 am

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


The Washington Wizards think they outsmarted draft experts. Instead, they continue to live in a fantasy.

Washington chose small forward Troy Brown, Jr., who plays several positions but is a master of none with a weak outside shot.

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Maybe it was for depth come 2019, when Kelly Oubre is a free agent, but the Wiz could have made this move next year.

For now, they need a big man and bypassed several options to just add another wing where they already have several. It was a missed opportunity to get better. After all, the goal was to find someone who can help this team break out of the 40-something win level to seriously contend for the Eastern Conference Final. Instead, they took just another guy who has skills, but isn't that key piece.

Yes, the NBA has abandoned the big game. But how's that going for the Wiz? They needed to find someone more around the rim for nights when John Wall and Bradley Beal are cold. They need to flow the offense more inside than Marcin Gortat's sporadic scoring that some nights barely nets a few points. Instead, Washington just found another clone.

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General manager Ernie Grunfeld made another of his classic European development picks in the second round with Issuf Sanon of Serbia. Seems the point guard blew up last year and Grunfeld thinks he's ahead of his competitors in spotting an unpolished gem. For now, Sanon will continue to play in the minor European leagues. Hopefully, it works out better than Grunfeld's past overseas attempts.

Bottom line – did the Wiz improve themselves in the draft? Not really. Free agency doesn't promise much hope, either. Get ready for another decent, but early postseason exit of a year.

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