LISTEN: Wizards have already broken Danny Rouhier

Ben Krimmel
October 19, 2018 - 11:12 am

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's been awhile since we’ve had a fuming Wizards rant from Danny Rouhier. What better time for another than after Game 1 of a new season?

"I'm so sick of this," Rouhier said Friday on The Fan. "My entire life is this: A lot of promise, a lot of jawing, a lot of fake tough, a lot of knucklehead in Kelly Oubre, a lot of Markieff Morris not boxing out, John Wall misses a free throw down in the clutch. But nobody talks about that. It's all about Kelly 'Stupid' Olynyk. It's all about a team that's locked into whatever this is. Underachieve again. I know it's one game, but it's the opener." 

"If you're a wizards fan, bless your heart. I know I am," Rouhier​ said. "I am a glutton for it. I am an idiot. I am a dumb idiot that still, for some reason, watches it. Because they got fun exciting players, they got a couple of guys that are nice pieces, for sure."

In case you missed how Thursday night's season opener ended, the Wizards had the ball up one with 30 seconds left before John Wall missed a contested three-pointer to give Miami a chance with 6.6 seconds remaining.


"Remember that whole referendum about Otto taking more threes? He took zero last night," Rouhier said. "They're talking about the new era in Washington, how it's pace-and-space and knocking down a bunch of three-point shots, going to hoist a whole mess of them. In their first ten half-court possessions Markieff Morris posted up three times. Didn't convert on any of them, by the way."

"They need to move on from Morris, they need to move on from Oubre. Who wants 'em? Step right up. Best offer. Give me a future conditional second-round pick and some cash," Rouhier said.

"I love the Wizards. I want them to be relevant, I want people to talk about them all the time," Rouhier​ added. "For people that ask about why we don't, watch the start they get off to this year. Watch the start, then tell me where the buzz is at." 

Well, 81 games to go. 

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